Barbados Labour Party’s new Public Relations initiative – Insult the Electorate?

The people who seem to be finding a devastating defeat, a very bitter pill to swallow, are now finding all types of excuses why they were so rejected – even by their base, who seemed turn off by a mud-slinging style of politics.

We are now hearing, what is clearly an attempt to blame Mia Mottley (yet another attack on women) even in circumstances where Section 63. (j) of the Barbados Labour Party’s Constitution is crystal clear on what should happen when there is no functioning branch in a particular constituency.

  • Section 63. (j) Provides:

Where a Constituency Branch is not functioning and there has been no meeting of that Constituency Branch for more than four months, the General Secretary shall, after consultation with the Vice Chairman with responsibility in which that Constituency falls, the last or current Chairman and/ or Secretary of that Constituency Branch convene a meeting of that Constituency Branch for the purpose of reactivating the Branch and holding of elections if necessary.”

The real question is: who is the Vice Chairman with responsibility for St. John? Secondly, who is the administrative head of the BLP? Note the circle at which the arrow points!

The St. John By-election was a real fiasco for the BLP. It is easily the first time in the history of electoral politics in any country in the world – where the arguments advanced by any opposition, were so outrageous, that the Opposition served as the chief canvasser for the government by causing people to vote for the candidate of the ruling party. Mara polled 4,613 voted whereas the Opposition got 276 vote fewer than it did three years ago and with a puny 9% of the total votes cast.

We are being told that the candidate only managed to canvass ¼ of the constituency, as a reason why he got substantially fewer votes, than the person who ran before him, got three years ago. Yet, the candidate said that he was all over St. John with the former BLP candidate and that as a contractor who was given contract by the former BLP candidate (then Chairman of the RDC) he did work all over the St. John Constituency.

When David Thompson was ill and dying, Mia Mottley treated him with dignity and respect and even called on the country to pray for him and at a time too when some in her party were telling her that she should call on him to resign. Here is the question for you: did Mia’s approach (kindness, humanity and compassion towards David Thompson) anger or please the people of St. John and Barbados?

Already you begin to realise that a campaign headed by Mia Mottley would have had a different tone and for sure, the BLP base there would not have had good reason to stay home, as they did.

The first words Mia Mottley uttered on the platform were to extend condolence to the people of St. John to whom Thompson meant a lot. Would that have angered the people of St. John? On the platform, Mia Mottley made it clear that she was not going to be part of any campaign to attack and pull down anybody. Would that have angered the people of St. John who like Mara Thompson?

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