Barbados Labour Party still split in factions – one side accuses other of technological sabotage! DLP victory for St John assured as late PM’s widow agrees to run!

Why was Owen not present at the St John Constituency office launch? Some say he went Cruising? Set an APB, stat!

Mrs Mara Thompson, Widow of Barbados’ 6th prime Minister has decided to throw her hand in the By-Election ring for the seat formerly held by the late David Thompson, you’ ll recall Nomination Day is January 5th and voting slated for day before Public Holiday – Errol Barrow Day who also happens to be a former MP  from the same DLP of that very same Constituency.

Meanwhile, instead of coalescing all available forces to fight an almost unassailable victory for the DEM’s – the Opposition BLP remains divided and the latest development is renewing accusations that files were removed from the Opposition Leader’s office in West Wing in the City on Upper Broad Street. How can a crime be established when all equipment seems normal?

Can you imagine a telephone call placed to Police? “Uh, yes – Constable, very suspicious! The computer here has a Hard Drive and is fully functional, but there are no memos nor any documents saved… What do I mean? Well, all I can find is Solitaire and Hearts so something had to be stolen! Hello? Hello? Hello?

There are allegations that Opposition Leader O. S. Arthur is not in the country and is on a Cruise, the only credence we can lend the rumour is that Arthur definitely appeared to be absent when Deputy Opposition Leader Dale “Dirty Harry” Marshall launched the BLP’s St John Constituency office recently to a less than meagre turnout.

If Owen is Missing, perhaps a notice should be taken out? Oh wait, see above!

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  1. did you not read that owen is on his annual holiday

  2. What does that have to do with anything? The man should have postponed it for the By-Election, uh – Duty Calls?? HellooOOoo?? If he treats this so seriously, how much respect will he give Bajans when the next bell rings? Do you think he was voted out by accident? He will NOT get back in automatically, he has to WORK for it – the last time Arthur was Opposition Leader was less than a year in 1994 when the rebel MP’s sided against Sandi, voting came in Sept that year with Sir Henry Forde bowing out a while before… This time around is 2 years, in a body not as vigorous as back then, Opposition Leaders must try harder – can he??


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