Over the next two weeks, the Board and Management of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) will meet with various stakeholders to get their feedback on how this year’s Crop Over Festival could be enhanced. The series of meetings will begin next Monday, January 31, at 5:30 p.m. for promoters and event planners, with the one […]

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  2. Jamaican-Canadian Writer fascinates Barbadian Literary society with wry view on Femininity; “Whose Vagina Is It Anyway?”

    Sandy Daley left Jamaica as a teenager, and she grew up real fast in Canada – by the time she was approaching her early 20’s she was the mother of 2 sons now studying at prominent Universities. Somehow, despite her looks which are maintained via fitness regimen, she claims to remain single not altogether by […]

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  3. Saving Barbados From Recession by Hal Austin – Review of Leaders from a UK Perspective

    Hi Fellow Barbadians, I do not want to be seen as a hyper-critic of former prime minister Owen Arthur, we met recently and he was generous to me. But to suggest in anyway that his 14 years of leadership was a resounding success, or even was not that bad, can be disingenuous. So that there […]

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  4. The Line: An Illustration Exhibition at the Bridgetown Gallery

    This ILLUSTRATION Exhibition will be showcasing the works of 7 artists, the exhibition will show the full range of illustration coming from the persepectives of Fine Artists, Graphic Designers and tradition Illustrators. The exhibiting artists are: Anika Millington Aurelia Wallcot Cherise Ward Matthew Clarke Nic Barnett Sheena Rose Simbah Pilé “The Line: An Illustration Exhibition” […]

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  5. Former Chairman of the National Assistance Board of Barbados calls for a Department of Ageing and Elder Affairs

    Time for: “A Department of Aging and Elder Affairs.” I was extremely happy during the recent St. John By-election, when Mara Thompson said that she was going to focus on matters relating to seniors, as one of her areas of priority. I would now wish to advise her not to spend too much time with […]

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    Fellow Barbadians, I am tired of my own Arawak children and other Amerindian children in Barbadian schools (some 40 children in all) being told by mis educated or ill-informed teachers that the tribe to which they belong ‘no longer exists’ so therefore they cannot possibly be who they say they are. For the information of these ‘educators’ there […]

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  7. Barbadian society has grown more conservative over time by Neville Clarke

    It has been established that ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s New Labour Party was able to wrestle power from the Conservative Party because he and his political associates had come to recognise that Old Labour was appealing to an electorate that no longer existed. In other words, Old Labour which had a preponderance of socialist ideologues […]

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  8. Barbadian Manufacturer looks at Preservation Of Architectural Heritage

    Harris Paints is maintaining its commitment to the preservation of Barbados’ architectural heritage through the continued refurbishment of the Taylor family house located on Wildey Main Road, St. Michael. For the last six years, Harris Paints has repainted the traditional chattel house, showcasing their recently launched Ideas Card, as well as highlighting one of its […]

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  9. Why a Cellphone Tax would allow all of Barbados to access Free Internet, ex-Deputy PM offers advice to Local Entrepreneurs

    In October last year, a member of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry suggested that Internet access for Bajans is like the right to water, electricity and the telephone – a basic necessity. Patrick Hinkson, the VP of TeleBarbados was suggesting for a Private/Public Sector project to allow Internet usage at Broadband level to be a […]

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  10. “Heartman” Series from QPG – Ras Ilix displays talent for Carved Images #4

    BREAKING NEWS – Exhibition held over! Feb 5th is Finale!

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  11. “Heartman” Series from QPG – Ras Ilix displays talent for Carved Images #3 January 30, 2011SculptureNo comments
  12. “Heartman” Series from QPG – Ras Ilix displays talent for Carved Images #2 January 30, 2011SculptureNo comments
  13. “Heartman” Series from QPG – Ras Ilix displays talent for Carved Images #1 January 30, 2011SculptureNo comments
  14. “Heartman” Series from QPG – Ras Ilix displays talent for Carved Images

    While this exhibit is now only a memory, you can visit Mon’s. to Sat’s. at the Queen’s Park Gallery in the City where the hours run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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  15. Barbadian Subsidiary organises trip for Nevisian who Wins Trip to Miami and Spending Money

    Nevisian-born Mr. Stevenson Manners is the recipient of a return ticket to Miami and US$500 after the Hull Ground resident won first place in the RAMS-Seven Seas sponsored initiative. The promotion that was launched late last year in RAMS pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide, sought to “create an education in market and incentivize loyal Seven Seas […]

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  16. Los CHANCHOS y CHANGó en la Universidad de Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is somewhere in between part of the United States, and a colony, depending on which Puerto Rican you ask. It has been in a long crisis which gave birth to many radical movements across the 19th century against Spain (Grito de Lares, etc.) and in the 20th century against the United States. Around […]

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  17. Desobediencia Civil en la Universidad de Puerto Rico: 25 de enero de 2011

    Today saw more arrests in the ongoing action at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). Massive cuts in public funding of higher education and fee hikes have seen a wave of student strikes and direct action since April last year. What began as a 48-hour strike on the Rio Piedras Campus, spread to ten other […]

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  18. Rebels no longer need Media nor Government’s Permission to televise the Revolution – Social Media will transmit the Upheaval: Barbados, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt & Puerto Rico

    It is not so long ago when Belize’s current Prime Minister Dean Barrow was reliant on Social Media to make people aware of alleged improprieties from the then Sa’id Mussa regime of Belmopan, the rest of the Caribbean largely ignored the civil unrest in Belize except for the Bajan Reporter. Last year when the former […]

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  19. Four Barbadian Dogs in need of New Home ASAP: The Ark, Animal Charity

    Apologies for such short notice – but all we were given.

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  20. “Barbados Light & Power: 30 pieces of Silver?” – 26 January, 2011 By Hal Austin: Courtesy

    Mara Thompson has scored a remarkable victory in a straight fight with a BLP candidate, Hudson Griffith, that underperformed badly. It is the 53rd straight victory for the DLP. But it raises questions about the independents. Where were they? Nevertheless, the hysteria that has accompanied Ms Thompson’s outstanding, some may even say historic, victory should […]

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  21. New Feature: Editorial cartoons – $2 Philosopher, Ad Lib – The Gathering: Theatre Experiment

    Next Installment of the $2 Philosopher coming your way on February 11th, GET READY FOR ANYTHING!

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  22. Mount Gay Rum Hosts A Successful Round Barbados Race

    The long-awaited return of the 75th anniversary of the Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race held on Errol Barrow Day, Friday January 21, 2011 lived up to the high expectations of its organisers the Barbados Cruising Club, and main sponsor Mount Gay Rum. Supported by the Barbados Tourism Authority, Albion Insurance, Miele, Scotia Bank, The […]

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  23. Boarded Hall & Frere Pilgrim pipe connections made this weekend – Barbados Water Authority warns of disruption to service

    The BWA is letting Barbados be aware it’ll be making connections to a 7” main at the Boarded Hall/ Carmichael junction on Saturday, January 29. These connections are being made to facilitate the installation of a new main through the roundabout under construction. The work is expected to result in water outages to residents of […]

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  24. Makers of Twilight now look at “Red Riding Hood” as Medieval Thriller

    Release Date: 11 March 2011 Genre: Drama | Thriller Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas, Gary Oldman, Max Irons Director: Catherine Hardwicke Writers: David Johnson Studio: Warner Brothers

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  25. Mia Mottley of Barbados Labour Party shows Way Forward for SME’s of Barbados

    The Small Business Association of Barbados invited Ms Mottley to speak on “Sustaining SME’s in 2011 & Beyond” and what members learned was a blueprint for developing the island in areas not only previously unconsidered, but looking at a Barbados at least 25 years down the road if it is to be successful! The SBA […]

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