Trinidadian Comedienne feels Tobago Government not using correct strategy for UK Tourism Crime-Victims: Too Kind is Too Much, according to Rachel Price


A British couple who was viciously attacked in Tobago last year…beaten, chopped by a bandit, have threatened to make others boycott Tobago.

And THEN FURTHER attacked by our Health care system {the wife even claims a nurse threatened her refuse her sister’s visit and generally treated her with scorn}…

And THEN FURTHER degraded by our Police system {despite many lengthy & expensive cost they claim the Police dragged their feet with the investigation and NO-ONE has info about the case}…

And THEN FURTHER insulted by a government appointed buffoon {who actually visited the Greens in the UK and CARRIED 2 BEACH WRAPS & A PAN as in de instrument}…

And NOW the Greens are seeking compensation… Are they right to seek money ? YES…QUITE SO !

The couple initially defended Tobago’s reputation but have now changed their mind about the island.

BUT {and this is a BIG BUT} they should get it from the PERSON that attacked them! The WHOLE country did NOT ATTACK the Greens…although every aspect of our “system” seems to have failed these tourists… BUT every aspect of our system FAILS US the NATIVES AS WELL!

Tobago with it’s already floundering economy can’t afford to lose any more business… Tobago hoteliers BAWLING for mercy.

A predatory precedent will be set should the Greens be awarded for their misfortune. For then ANYBODY and EVERYBODY will seek the same “justice” should they fall victim to those circumstances…. plus the world is full of knaves* who could & would stage a robbery attack in a quest for money as well.

However the Greens claim SOMEBODY PROMISED THEM… and NOW VOLNEY says next year the gov’t will make good on their promise! Yet again VOLNEY proving himself to be a loose tongued lunatic.

GOD forbid ANYTHING should happen to me in the UK… cause de QUEEN herself going to HAVE to stitch mih, change mih pampers, feed mih and PAY mih for mih pain and wasted time.


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