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The Gallery Of Caribbean Art presents Nakazzi Hutchinson’s “Reflections” on 12th December 2010

The Gallery Of Caribbean Art presents Nakazzi Hutchinson’s “Reflections” on 12th December 2010

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Artist Nakazzi Hutchinson is the daughter of Barbados’ Dr Ikael Tafari, and famous Jamaican Artist, Dawn Scott. Jamaican born and Barbadian bred, Nakazzi lives and travels frequently between the two islands, as well as internationally, exhibiting her work in prestigious museums and galleries.

Her African Name "Nakazzi" means 'Woman of Substance' and through her work she continues to strive to embody this ideal.

In 2001 she went on to win the Mutual Life Artist of the year award, carrying away both prizes, the public award as well as the juried prize. To date she is the only artist to have won them both simultaneously.

She has exhibited extensively across the Caribbean and the US in places such as Miami, New York and Berlin. She has been invited numerous times to participate in prestigious exhibitions alongside Jamaica’s finest and established older artist, where she captured the imagination and awe of a wide and varied audience.

One of Jamaica's most talented young artists, Nakazzi graduated from Sculpture department at the Jamaica School of Art in 2000 at the top of her year.

Her large-scale sculpture based installation work utilizes a variety of organic materials, suspended floating life sized figures created from tree bark and driftwood turning gently to reveal new angles and evolutions of the work. The entire floor of the gallery is often covered with natural materials like sea grape or mahogany leaves or red clay.

On December 12th, The Gallery Of Caribbean Art presents Nakazzi Hutchinson, "Reflections" This fine art show consists of drawings, paintings, sculpture and masks, and opens at 5:00 pm until 9:00pm. You are invited to attend this feast for the imagination.

In 2003 The Jamaican National Gallery purchased one of her life sized sculptures for their permanent collection.
She and her mother are a well known team finishing illustrious properties for Jamaica’s rich and famous, working consistently with Island Outpost to create an indigenous tropical ambiance with unusual artistic flair.

She is also poularly known for her ceramic masks, which she hand paints and adorns with natural found materials to depict various popular Carribbean hairstyles. In doing so she seeks to represent a uniquely Afro-Caribbean aesthetic and identity.

She considers herself primarily a sculptor but her practice of art varies widely to include charcoal drawings, paintings, batik's, murals and mosaics, and ceramics

Most recently, she won the comission to create a series of large mobile sculptures for the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston,Jamaica. Contestants were selected from Jamaica’s finest professional artists. The competition was structured in two parts. The first was a drawing and design competition. Four Artists were shortlisted and required to produce miniature versions to be hung in a scale model of the new departure lounge. Nakazzi’s work was selected finally by a jury of art experts, architects and engineers. The centerpiece of the five mobiles is estimated at 30 ft tall and will be suspended from huge metal beams to be viewed from both inside and outside the departure consul.

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