SRS 5121

St John By-Election & Cabinet Minister Brought Low – if Environment Ministry loses their Head, will it go straight to General Elections?

St John By-Election & Cabinet Minister Brought Low – if Environment Ministry loses their Head, will it go straight to General Elections?

SRS 5121

Nomination Day for St John is January 5th and the By-Election is 20th January, the day before Errol Barrow Day (Say – isn’t EWB the Original MP who operated in that constituency? H’mmm MUST be coincidence right?), yet just now the Environment Minister was laid low by a pulmonary embolism in his lung.

If David Thompson's widow should decide to run, it won't really matter which constituency she tosses her hat in the ring – she will win by default, same as St John where if an ant says it is a Dem? The ant will beat the best BLP candidate ever hands down, so this probably where Freundel needs to hold so as to stay PM…

(Do you think Denis Lowe FINALLY smelled the Graeme Hall swamp?) Now resting comfortably, it is said it will be MONTHS before he has a complete recovery… Suppose there was a relapse? Only this time he did not rally around? Would it make sense to have two By-Elections in days or weeks of each other? Might make more sense to have a General Election and done!

Who would go where? Well Freundel can opt for St John and let Mara Thompson run against Owen in St Peter – she may actually give Arthur a run for his money especially after his “” to the late David Thompson in Parliament (In fact, all she’d have to do for her campaign is just run the video of that purported eulogy and even fisherfolk in Speightstown would be sympathetic), while Freundel’s old constituency can be fielded by perhaps either George DePeana or George Pilgrim?

George DePeana earlier in 2010 at George St Auditorium… Do you recall when the other George, as in Pilgrim, vowed never to have children under a BLP regime? It's been 3 years under the Dems now… Que Pase, Mr General Secretary??

If there was a General Election there is a lot that Barbados needs but much won’t be touched so let’s get it out of the way… There will be no other TV station nor any other Electric, Water, or Utility company and the Fair Trading Commission may object to monopolies but will forever turn a blind eye to Light & Power, NPC, BWA & CBC! Any Prime Minister brave to open up trade to allow another TV station, Water company, Gas or Electrical will either be removed on a No Confidence motion or assassinated for offending those whose interests to have these facilities as the sole dispensers of such services.

Denis Lowe is in ICU at QEH – were his lung problems as he finally adhered to handling his Ministry's problems and got a whiff of the Landfill or did he actually get a conscience and visit the stagnant Graeme Hall and breathe deeply?

So? Do NOT expect that to change nor for , nor any Integrity, Transparency & Accountability legislation… As for breathalysers? When those close to creating such legislation or those who should enforce sobriety while driving remain in a position to sample the goods which cause DUI then Barbados will NEVER have the laws against it and stop whining!

Let’s examine some more realistic possibilities which I see as necessary for Barbados to become a better developed Caribbean society… I think Senators should be voted into Office every two years and not appointed; e.g. Sen of Hastings, Sen of Blackrock, Sen of Crab Hill, etc. These Sen’s have to WORK for their post and free up Min’s for more Policy Framework & Infrastructure.

Roads are a gauge of an island’s status & economy – so FIX them ALL! Golf Club Road, St John, St George and all over! Use concrete so they last longer, more expensive yet less maintenance – if a Utility wants to dig where roads have been just laid repair immediately or face a n automatic deduction of bills due Government… If Government spent 85 million on Electricity, then BL&P dig up? Once they have not repaired the section in a fortnight and it cost 250-thousand to fix the road? Then Government’s Electricity Bill is now 84.75 mil instead!

The only fly in General Elections is that Owen Arthur is by his own admission a vengeul type, and if Elections were called and he returned to power, everyone who ever peed on him while he was in the Wilderness will feel his wrath; this is why you need a strong Candidate like Mara Thompson – her only true challenge is her nationality, which can't take too long to rectify with Adriel Brathwaite standing by?

This island is too small for Traffic Lights, I think we really can have at least 80% roundabouts, only in cases like Lancaster or by Pine Hill Dairy or at the top of that same Golf Club Road do you need Traffic Lights.

Funding would come from a 2% service charge on all mansions above 1.75 mil in value for properties before 2005, if tourists want to live here? Then they can damn well contribute to the country’s upkeep! Properties after 2005 are LEASED not sold and an Environmental Levy is placed when mansion is near or on beachfront property. Block a window to the sea? Then since you are so wealthy, pay for it! What? You ain’t coming here after all? Cool, we like having green between buildings and not a concrete jungle as is Monaco.

BLP St Philip Hopeful Indar Weir seated next to Avinash Persaud earlier this year at the BWU Labour College

Develop the IT sector and also as says “Decriminalise Entrepreneurship” in setting up my website, I have learned of so many ridiculous hurdles in terms of legislative and fiscal limitations that if one is not determined enough? You’ll give up after a week! As , in Singapore you can create a business in 45 minutes, Serbia takes 3 months (if you’re lucky) and Barbados is woefully in-between!

Barbados needs a viable third party to wake up the other Two, failing which, a cadre of Independents supported by Small Business in the same way many Big Business pour into the coffers of Both sides to whore up favours from DEM’s & Bee’s.

As for contentions I hear that Rich & Poor blurred by a thin line creates chaos is utter elitist crap, a true Capitalist wants everyone to be well off, not just a select few – it’s about time for that particular Tree not to be shaken but cut down, BAMN! (By Any Means Necessary)

There are many Bee’s & DEM’s who want politicians to be unaccountable, that’s okay – y’all may like the status quo as is, but I think a drastic overhaul needs to be done and done by day before yesterday. Voter apathy is when public sees Both sides as two faces of one Coin… An alternative makes those in from before wake up and FAST!

Change is usually frightening for those who enforce the system, it’s exciting for those who wish to improve on it.

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