Nation Newspaper of Barbados ignores crucial query from their own staffer to new Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur – WHY?

On the evening of October 18th at BLP’s HQ in Roebuck St, a reporter from the Daily Nation posed a very interesting question to newly-blooded Opposition Leader Owen Arthur of the BLP…

Most of the group many call “The Gang Of Five” – Rather appropriately straddling by window sill is Dentist & soon-to-be Fmr. Ch Ch West MP, William Duguid

If then PM David Thompson was not in a severe state of illness (The late Thompson faded fast after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer – Thompson died 5 days after the making of this video, but a Budget has been given and no fresh voting was called for), would Arthur and the other 4 BLP MP’s (whose victories were paltry compared to his) have decided that now is a good chance to change who is holding Opposition Leader post?

In an effort of fair play, the Bajan Reporter decided to give the Nation an opportunity to run the intriguing exchange between Mr Gibbons and Mr Arthur – since it is nearly two months that has elapsed, BR decided to run the video as clarification – especially now it does not seem likely the ruling DLP will have Snap Elections.

Arthur is 61 and he says in the video himself that he is old (If that’s the case, then why accept the nomination of Opp Leader if one did not ask for it?), and being Opp Leader means you have to do more or try harder for not only one’s constituents, but for the ENTIRE ISLAND who supports your party, all of them hounding and pressuring you to fix this or that grouse!

Elections for Barbados are now constitutionally due in January 2013, 7th PM of the land – Freundel Stuart – is also no spring chicken… Who will outlast who?

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  1. I had to stop listening to Mr. Arthur. He stumbled, fumbled, held his hand in front of his face whilst talking, and when pausing and the questioner took up immediately (he too was fairly inarticulate – was he nervous?), Mr. Arthur rudely interrupted and started again in an even more inarticulate manner.

    We really need some greater ability to hold these informal discussions from our leaders, or for them to decline being filmed.

  2. @permres – you ever watch “Lie To Me” on FOX? Fantastic show, based on current research, it indicates when a person speaks in mutters and gutturals with a hand in front of the mouth indicates their info which they’re sharing is either missing elements of truth or they are very careful how they reveal what they want people to learn… You follow?



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