MIA: Missing In Action? New Barbados Labour Party website does not acknowledge existence of St Michael North East MP

Probably Owen's favourite part of the BLP's blog - but I doubt George Payne would like it, he was no longer in Cabinet, and even Dale "OK Corral" Marshall was far down the totem pole, barely ranking above the Senators who were Parliamentary Secretaries

There are many Barbadians who are convinced the recycled Opposing Leader in Parliament continues to live in the past when he had 12 months short of three constitutional terms in office, but the shortfall was at his own doing when Owen Arthur was mistakenly advised he could seize a fourth unprecedented term in Bajan politricks politics.

{CLICK ON SCREEN-SHOT TO ENLARGE} Owen's Travel this Christmas is rather extensive, who's paying for it? Also - where is "BRITIAN"?

If you saunter over by the BLP’s blog, there remains evidence of what seems to be nostalgia – where the Contact Us segment is still at 2006, while the Cabinet listed remains in 2006/2008 – maybe this is Owen’s politricks politics of inclusion? He is adopting the DEM’s manner of leaving their blog at 13/01/2008? If this was Jack Lemmon, I’d be reminded of “In Days of Wine & Roses” but this Barbados so I guess “These Days are Funny Nights of Rum & Hibiscuses” is more appropriate?

{CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE} The culprits who drew my attention to the new website, Facebook group "Bajans Against The Return of Owen Arthur," had their own spin on how the sites compared...

For a while, the nostalgia seemed reversed at the BLP’s main site where Mia Mottley was still listed as Opposition & Political Leader, but all of a sudden her Christian name has a new meaning… Missing In Action? This was picked up by the Facebook group, “Bajans Against The Return Of Owen Arthur,” whose membership has increased by approximately over 40% since last we visited!

{CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE} The new country "BRITIAN" is again listed in updates at the bottom of Front Page, site was done so fast it seems the FP is only complete area, everywhere else says "COMING SOON"?

There is nary a mention of the St Michael North East MP, plus when they built the website they did not use the F7 button before launching, so England enters a Witless Protection Program and suddenly becomes BRITIAN… I assume Britian signifies a desire on the BLP to really become a Republic by saying their are no ties to the UK but there with this BRITIAN?

{CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE} If it's changed, here's a Freeze frame of what pertained up to 2:00 pm Sunday a'noon of 12/12/2010

I do not know if Owen, Ankle Holster Dale or Pain Payne commissioned this new site but it appears rather amateur and flat compared to the lustrous and almost 3D version which obtained before, surely they could simply have retained the services of Creative Junction and revamped the website? Having new operators is a bit deep in the pockets of Party members, considering funds are really for when next the Bell rings… Will the Party Chairman or Deputy Leader of the Opposition be frank and disclose the expense of the revision, like how Mia Mottley declared her assets in Parliament not so long ago?

{CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE} Last Entry at DLP's blog still stands as is - but just in case, a quick screen-shot indicating what obtained up to a'noon of Sun 12 Dec 2010 by 2 o'clock

BTW (For non-Internet savvy:  By The Way) – Folks may wonder why PM Freundel Stuart is yet to ring the bell for St John by-elections; can it be he’s waiting 90 days to claim a Prime Ministerial pension?

Then Acting PM Freundel was all smiles at the DLP's 55th AGC, he even cracked a few jokes which was a surprise considering his usual saturnine stance - was he crafting an Election Call back then which takes effect soon?

Then, not only declare the seat of St John open for voting, but the entire island? I can see the DEM’s campaign as relying on former leader Rt Hon Thompson, aka: St David or the Ghost of Christmas Past, in addition they will try to capitalise on rebuilding Barbados after Tomas (incl. of the Wharf Rd set to re-open Monday) as efforts of carrying the island forward.

If done correctly, Owen may well see another 60 months in the wilderness before he gets a chance at the brass ring once again, will he be able to grasp it then? Or will he just stick to leading BARP meetings and receiving pension cheques reflecting his erstwhile PM salary?

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  1. There is nothing wrong with change or changing but many agree that any such adjustment, should actually make sense. If this “new” geriatric brigade want to be taken seriously, they really cannot move from what was there to what is now being displayed. This shows they are really not comfortable with the technology or in tuned with the youth of Barbados who are far more ?techno-savvy.?

    Furthermore, after 72 years of existence, there is absolutely no excuse for getting their image or message so wrong, except it is no misrepresentation on their part! I am just saying that if they cannot get a simple webpage right, how then could this new geriatric brigade get the economy right for Barbados, when that requires far more energy?

    People are already concluding that this geriatric brigade is not “ready? or ?serious,? especially given that the people told them to change and they have come back with “THIS.” What could they really be thinking?

    This is definitely change that makes no cents!!!! I really hope they are not paying for that ?piss??

  2. Saw this on Barbados Free Press, March, 06, 2008
    Posted under “Barbados Nation News: ?Owen Arthur Declares War On DLP Government” and “When Owen Declares War? Windmills Tremble!”

    March 5, 2008 at 12:56 am

    Bajans, open up yore ear drums and listen!
    It?s time for dee dumb to speak,
    My face with sweat did glisten,
    When I marched in dee Nation last week.
    ?A reign of Terror? has started,
    Dis is no time for Buhbadus to laugh,
    Oh! Bees, no longer must you be downhearted,
    Causing I, Owen, is pon dee warpath!?
    Don?t mind I cancel ev?ry Press Conf?rence,
    And ev?ry photo had to be approved by my staff,
    Never mind I cuss yore writers into silence,
    And approved Liz famous gold bath.
    I objected to yore contrary opinions,
    I cheated pon my Jamaican better-half,
    I spiked news stories by dee thousands,
    But still, I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    It?s true I pay all of dem big consultant,
    As stated on the Nation front page,
    But now, he, David mek all of dem redundant,
    So he got to feel my hot fire-rage!
    Half million to Marshall, Hinkson and Hammie,
    Mackie Holder get a nice, fatted calf,
    He dump Angie Walcott, Kheisha Ward and now Gabby,
    Dats why I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    As P.M. of my Bajan dominion,
    I wanted and paid for dee best,
    Don?t mind dat an ordinary guard or policeman,
    Pon 2000 a month can?t rest.
    ?Pork Barrel Political Patronage?,
    Is not in my kinda new Maths,
    Half Million sound sweet in my language,
    So, I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    He, David, come out cleaning and hunting,
    So, I, hereby, lend my voice to dee effort,
    He depriving people from mekkin a living,
    Cost of living gine now mek dem snort!
    Dis despicable and destructive development,
    Is dangerous and must feel my wrath,
    It?s impossible to be like Payne and be silent,
    Dats why I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    Mia is now Missing In Action,
    It?s I still pulling dee string,
    My ?How Great Thou Art Choir? still in session,
    She nor Marshall can?t clap nor sing.
    It?s dee Consultants and Special Advisors,
    Cost Over-runs and Bank Over-drafts,
    Bogus companies and ghost contractors,
    Dat got me, Owen, pon dee warpath.`
    So, tell every Bajan sit up now and listen,
    Red-herrings I selling again,
    Don?t mind dat man David Thompson,
    With he gone dee Bees will once more reign,
    St. Peter Development Funds in my pocket,
    Of my doings, Bajans don?t know dee half,
    Lil Bow Wow nor Bite Muh can?t meck it,
    So, I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.



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