Is Barbados in an iPad mania, or just caught in an iFad? When common-sense loses to Tech-Fashion

Back in 2005 I got myself an Inspiron 6000 from Dell, it had WiFi, Bluetooth, 80 GB of Hard Drive – I thought it was “Da Sh*t” back in the day… When it arrived it had a carrying case and a Power Pack but no mouse, that is sold separately. Since “mice” are are a dime a dozen like their real furry counterparts, that was no big deal then.

Immediate left is Kevon Henry of the LYS, to the right is St Michael North East MP, Mia Mottley, who's adjusting her address that night on her trusty iPad {FILE IMAGE - CLICK FOR BIGGER}

Let’s move forward now, if you recall when I went to the BLP’s 72nd Annual General Conference & I mentioned how Mia Mottley has an iPad, the same gadget was also apparent when she addressed the League of Young Socialists earlier this year. It was in a rather neat looking leather or leather-like casing.

Why am I mentioning two seemingly separate items? Because what pertained in 2005 is now a relic and 2010 has different rules, if you order a laptop or an iPad you have to pay for a case separately, it is not part of the deal! I checked both Dell and Apple before I ranted. It seems to me if you order a piece of equipment it should have basic stuff like case, charger, instruction manual and a first set of batteries where applicable.

However as times get tougher and tougher what was a complimentary courtesy half a decade ago is now a paid service as we race to 2020 – maybe I’m cheap but it seems we lost manners for money somewhere along the way? Next thing – why are Bajans rushing for an iPad now, when they can wait until February and get an iPad with a camera at front & back plus a USB port?

It also means the current crop of iPads here will drop in cost once the new version lands in Barbados, so why are people shelling anywhere between $1300 to $2500 BBD when in a mere 60 days you can get a better version, hopefully less in cost as mass production and availability across the board lowers the price.

Even Romulans were hoping to pirate Apps for their version of Jobs' pride & joy

I remember my father had one of the first VHS players in Barbados and it cost $1,000 and renting tapes was a once a month treat as rentals were like $25 per video-cassette. By the time VCR’s – as they then became known – dropped to $150, that was when DVD v2.0, which was CD sized, was out for about $575!

Steve Jobs behaving like he invented what replaced the Wheel, but Gene Roddenberry had a PADD before the iPad

Eventually places in USA like Sam Goody stopped carrying Video Cassettes when DVD players re now as low as $100 BBD. Do you recall when Polaroid One Step was all the rage? Until Digital cameras came along and now Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Casio, Panasonic and Nikon all have editions which are sized like a pack of cigarettes and half as thick yet give zoom definition where you can count the hairs in the nostril of a flea, this quality and availability rendered the One Step like a dodo or a Triceratops in a tar pit!

Patience and obsolescence are two key allies in a time where taxes are hiked and people’s disposable income is even less than before, yet still Barbados indulges in this N.S.C.S: Never See, Come See crap which raids our pockets like a ravenous Tyrannosaurus finding succulent Brontosaurus eggs.

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  1. So if I follow your logic, I’ll never buy anything but wait for the next one that’s “just about to come out”?

    Gotta jump in sometime!

  2. No, if you read article… Wait two months and also for price to drop – it’s a matter of patience which should be watchword in these harsh fiscal days!

  3. Well, I don’t mind…while everybody wants to jump in with the LATEST stuff…I get my middle of the road gems at a bargain price (it helps to know people!) and I get by…just on the fringes of fashion, but with practicality first!

  4. Yes but do I wait two months and get the NEW ipad or perhaps three and get the Blackberry Playbook, or do by the the time the new Ipad is out do I wait a little more and get the latest doohicky from whowasit.

    There is always something newer and better just around the corner.

  5. Ya still not answer if you read the whole item? However, in a very recent story {CLICK PHRASE FOR LINK} you’ll know the Blackberry playbook is coming to Barbados in February… The whole gist of it is you’re Gilbey’s and I am not! I will not “dive right in” just because everyone else is doing so, I will jump when appropriate – my laptop was bought in 2005 and did not get another since (I only got it because I was tired sharing a desktop with 3 other people), I am not a slave to tech fashion, whereas … ?

  6. Excellent article! Amazing how sheer lust can get us to shell out our money, even though we know a cheaper & better version is around the corner. I’ve been an Apple-girl since the very first Apple computer came out and I fall victim to Apple-lust frequently.

    I’ve managed so far to hold off on the ipad simply because I feel inundated with gadgets. Everything an ipad can do I can get on one of my other gadgets.

    What I need is a single thing that can do everything: phone, e-mail, camera, video, text, create documents, update social media accounts, and make dinner, too!


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