Guinness Helps Feisty Jamaican Granny Keep Working at 107 – also praises Steaks & Chops as Diet

"...These days, she admits to a particular fondness for a smoothie made of Guinness stout mixed with the nutritional supplement Ensure, a drop of vanilla flavoring and a sprinkle of nutmeg 'if (the stout) is too bitter.'"

Sometimes in life, when you feel that self-sacrifice is only way to achieve anything worthwhile then along comes something totally and deliciously egregious, like this tidbit which I learned from Jamaicans-dot-com and verified through Washington Post;-

Betsy Stanford has reached her 107th birthday. She says that drinking Guinness stout is what has allowed her to live a long and healthy life. She celebrated her birthday at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. Stanford has lived in the area most of her, although she was born in Jamaica. In addition to Guinness, she credits eating pork chops and steaks for her longevity, as well as working hard as a hotel housekeeper all her life.

"The outspoken Stanford also dishes out advice on romance and sex, patting the cheeks of her nieces' boyfriends as a way of sizing them up without being able to see them."

Of course she has done a fair bit to keep her mind sharp, playing games has kept her mind like a Blackberry directory;-

Stanford plays Scrabble and works crossword puzzles. She often tells detailed stories from her childhood in Jamaica, impressing relatives with her keen memory.

I have to ask her for phone numbers,” said her great-nephew, Tony Robinson, 51, who lives with Stanford.She can add quicker in her head than you can with a calculator.”

Now almost blind, Stanford has arthritis and high blood pressure but still makes her way around the third floor of her brick rowhouse, heating coffee in her microwave by pressing buttons whose location she has memorized.

Guinness is definitely working for Ms Stanford!

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