Caribbean Financial Expert disappoints conference in post-mortem of lecture – does not live up to expectations with denial of analysis

The source for audio was two different sources, one from the Q&A while Sir Dwight's came from another speaker - why not combine all for ease of Media seeking to access the Speech?

For me the Grinch came early this Christmas, I attended a seminar expecting a lively discourse and instead got a dodge worthy of Neo in the Matrix when pursued by Agents. The Caribbean Actuarial Association decided to host their 20th Anniversary seminar here in our Gem of the Caribbean Sea at Hilton Barbados, no less!

The keynote speaker is Sir Dwight Venner, Governor of the Central Bank of the OECS/Organisation of  Eastern Caribbean States, while Barbados is not a member of the OECS it is so closely linked to the EC that the group decided to have their conference here. Another tacit reference to the connection between here and the Eastern Caribbean is how the US Embassy has envoys for Jamaica as well Trinidad & Tobago as separate entities, yet Barbados is partnered with the EC for our own consulate.

Catherine Lyn of Jamaica at Right is the current President of CAA, handing Sir Dwight a token of appreciation for his presentation. For me the immediate question is, "WHY? Did he fulfil his speaking obligations?"

Why the long harangue? Well admittedly I may have arrived late for the event, but I was on time for the Q & A which was my main goal… So I asked Sir Dwight for his assessment of the recently delivered Budget from Chris Sinckler, and do you believe Sir Dwight declined? I stated his presentation was analysing Prospects for Regional Economies? I can only wonder if Sir Dwight was presenting in the host country and so he had no desire to “mash any corns“? But then why have the title so broad-based as “Prospects of Regional Economies“? Does this not beg the question of what I asked, given its immediate relevance for Bajans who face further expenses without a concomitant boost in earning capacity?

Yes, but he’s not looking at that one – was his response, mine was the final question and i was quickly closed off from trying any further interrogation by the CAA’s President; I still have the audio but it is rather muffled for broadcast quality. It’s a pity the events management group DL Smith was not coordinating the audio better so I could access all sources of audio!

I had also asked Sir Dwight for a copy of his speech, but am yet to receive it, even the CAA was told they could not enter his speech on their website – so why did you come and talk, Oh – high & mighty Central Bank Governor? Is your discourse not for public measure? No transcript and no response to an issue significant for the topic selected at the conference, at least CAA members got a very nice swag bag with lots of useful gadgets like a memory stick, notebook, pens and a shirt.

Look closely in front of participants, most of them had their notebooks shut - maybe they were warned this a closed session and so they did not waste their ink and paper?

The shirt is definitely needed after Sir Dwight’s lecture since if you spent money at the conference and did not get what you thought was your money’s worth, then in this manner if you felt you lost your shirt investing – then the swag bag had another piece of clothing to offset that loss!

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