Kick Start

Barbadian Youth Sporting Group helps local Charity make Christmas a memorable season for challenged children

Barbadian Youth Sporting Group helps local Charity make Christmas a memorable season for challenged children

Kick Start

KickStart Football Club in association with the Variety Club of Barbados held a fund raiser for the month of December called “Christmas for the Children.” KickStart FC has had a great year and the Club and players have been truly blessed so they felt that they needed to give something back.

Before First Caribbean International, there were two banks – Barclays and CIBC… Probably why this part of St Michael is known as Barclays Terrace, but now the KickStart FC has taken over the lease for the building and will be engaging in more projects to assist with underprivileged youth via Soccer.

The Fundraiser was three fold.
(1) The players were encouraged to do jobs for family & friends and with the money they earned they bought Christmas presents for the Variety Children.
(2) KickStart had T Shirts printed and sold them with the profits going to the Variety Club
(3) KickStart had players and coaches running in the Run Barbados Marathon & 10 K and raised money through sponsorship.

Variety & KickStart at Yuletide: {L to R} Odeskie Leadette (Antiguan descent), Amanda McKay (Pres. of Variety Club/Chief Barker), one of the KickStarters & Variety's Executive Director, Donnah Russell

Coaching Director David Porter says the KickStart FC will have a dedicated clubhouse thanks to Sagicor {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Kickstart FC will take over the lease for the Barclays clubhouse which is not far from Banks Breweries. This means KickStart plans to do more for the teens and youngsters who play with their club.

The coach also disclosed the Club has been very active in having its older players reward for their hard work by earning overseas scholarships {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Newcastle United and Exeter have shown an interest in some of the graduates of KickStart FC, four of the boys will be bound for the UK in early 2011 to attempt try-out’s with various groups in England.

The Variety Club’s next big drive is Gold Heart month come February 2011, when the official mascots for their pins will be popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon character,Yogi Bear.

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