Young Barbadian’s reaction to recent coverage of Death of Fmr. PM David Thompson {WARNING: LANGUAGE, NC-17} – The Democracy of Hypocrisy by Nicholas Hurley

{ATTNLANGUAGE & EXTREME SITUATIONS! Plus by carrying this article with permission from Author – does not condone the comments made nor are necessarily reflective of BR nor its readership and/or contributors. This is merely an exercise to open discussion on untapped aspects of a recent Historical Event in Barbados and to do so WITHOUT RANCOUR, ad hominem attacks will earn commentators banning instantly}

After having to sit through the little videos of Thompson (Direct Tv out for some reason), for the past few days two things became abundantly clear, one: People can find a lot of good things to say after you are dead, two: Thompson was like a gold ring in a shit hole. Now I’m not going to feel how people keep telling me I should feel about the PM and the whole remorse shtick, before he got sick no one gave a crap. Seriously, people who were cussing this man, tossing all kinds of dirt on his character and the usual political acrobatics, now want to be all front row at the man’s funeral? Get the fuck out of here!

Hurley's view is that so many adversarial situations were developed over time between the late leader and other politicians that how come everybody all agree, so suddenly, that Mr Thompson was a great man? Is the former Combermerian a new religion, the graphic artist ponders... {IMAGE COURTESY - Stephen R. Smith, Pro Photo Studios}

Why must he be dead in order to see he had merit?, why is he now so untouchable after being touched by death? When the clico rumors were floating around no one gave a shit what kind of cancer he had, why do they care now?
Are the political lines erased now? Is the B vs D show finally cancelled? All it took was one dead PM to put the nuttiness to rest once and for all!? Surely he was a great man to pull that off.

Author & Graphic Artist - Nicholas Hurley

Verily I say unto you it is a farce! It is all a show, a hologram, a psychotic delusion. The political sycophants not missing a beat find them selves with a unique opportunity, let us wash our sins with the blood of Thompson! Make this man out to be a saint and we will be seen a little more saintly ourselves, no one would dare bring up our past deeds with Thompson on the cross, lets parade his corpse, those idiot masses will love that, sell tickets, book seats, the show of all shows “Thompson in the ground“, see our star studded cast! Rihanna, and everyone else that has been seen on TV lately! Get your Thompson T-Shirts, buy a flag! you’re not a patriot if you don’t buy a flag or a picture of Thompson, or change your facebook picture to Thompson. Don’t you worship Thompson? Don’t you accept Thompson as your lord and savior?!?!

Hurley contends that Gun Safety & the CLICO crisis got swept under the coffin, so to speak... {IMAGE COURTESY - B'dos Free Press}

Hypocrites! we all know next week it’s business as usual, the same problems the same unfulfilled promises the same rhetoric, only now the DLP have a question proof vest, anything to besmirch the “good name” of Thompson will be met with vehement opposition. Don’t talk about corruption can’t you see we’re in mourning, don’t talk about CLICO, can’t you see we’re in mourning, what about the campaign promises that have evaporated? Don’t talk about that, his family is still grieving. What? No more gun legislation for parliament? It’s all peace on earth good will to politicians?

These people don’t care, they don’t give a shit. They praise Thompson in one breath and undermine what ever he was trying to accomplish in the next, and people just happily continue with the charade. Oh shame on Rihanna for not coming? No! Shame on you people for perpetrating falsehoods! Show up to save face? So prove what exactly? Seems that “shows” mean more than “reality“.

To quote the rap song Fake Love: “So my friends enemies and my enemies be friends/ Don’t show no love, don’t pretend” – NICHOLAS HURLEY

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  1. Yeah, I thought so too. As a family man, he was cool. As a politician, though, he sucked monkey balls. Bet hey…that’s how Bajans are, yeah? I can see why Rihanna chose to GTFO. Smartest girl in Barbados, that’s what she is!


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