The Beat Goes On – Barbadian Internet Competition yields real time quality at Plantation Garden Theatre

The power of cyberspace, where a popular Bajan performer wishing to see new generations of Barbadian talent harnessed and not wasted steps up and hosts a contest also worthy of a $400-thousand trust from Government!

Even the backing band was sexy, the group who almost had the theme for Warner Bros' "Gossip Girls" - Nexcyx - was wowing the audience with their versatility and well-synchronised interaction!

Beat One is a recording studio formed by Marisa Lindsay and Tamara Marshall, the pair have been on a quest to seek the next generation of singers who will carry forward this country’s name far and wide. The search began just six months ago and culminated at Plantation Garden Theatre in a contest which was promoted mainly via Facebook, blogging and Tweets in their personal networks…

The judges, probably going slowly insane, deciding who achieves the final call... "But they're ALL good! Auugghh!!!"

Result? A well turned out event considering “Mainstream” advertising was limited due to a lack of Corporate Citizenship, pls each of the contestants were excellent in their own right – this is a few and far between cry in most Bajan talent shows where the deserving are just one or two, nowt the whole cadre. this speaks to the exquisite culling ability of both Tamara & Marisa!

Shenise's first round was not so hot, when she got her 2nd chance with Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight," she took the title literally and jumped off the stage and into the winning circle.

The judges who probably felt Solomon had the easier decision millennia gone by consisted of;- Barbados’ Premier Jazz Sax-Dude: Arturo Tappin; Second Generation Songstress: Jan Feeling Irie Gibson & Ex-Lead Vocalist with Spice & Co: Alan Sheppard.

Gwen Stefani would have been pleased with Leanne Vanessa Humphrey's rendition of "Don't Speak," so were the judges - as she was one of the two finalists!

Unlike other competitions where there is a single victory, and the same ay Beat One was formed by two entertainers? The victory was shared for two… Shenise Marshall and Leanne Vanessa Humphrey!

Audience participation was no shy retiring flower that night as youngsters jumped the stage to congratulate their choices.

The Bajan Reporter was able to get a quick word from each, in Shenise’s case – it was easy to see why she won… She was the only performer to actually get off the stage and go in the crowd! We asked her why {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Not happy with her first delivery, Shenise knew she had to step up her Game and so she decidesd to improvise by singing WITH and not TO the audience, her gambit paid off!

Most of the audience was young, from Teens to Mid-20's and extremely Tech-Savvy!

Shenise is uncertain as to if she’ll return and compete, whereas Leanne is very adamant she won’t simply because she wants to continue and advance her career further afield {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Leanne also wants to be an actress and author as well as singing – she wants to have a book which is a story and a poem, perhaps she will have a Bajan “Song Of Hiawatha” or the next “Beowulf“?

Still reeling from the critical acclaim she earned in the "It So Happen Suite," Indra Rudder did an impromptu jam with Nexcyx which had the people thrumming at the Plantation!

Looking forward to next year’s contest already, but hoping Corporate Barbados can do more for Beat One, pretend they’re Richard Stoute or a new Wuk-Up… Are your pockets deeper yet?

While there was definitive tension to learn who the winner was - nevertheless, the camaraderie cancelled out any animosity that night.

The show went really crazy once the selections were over with guest jams from Nexcyx’s Mahalia and Indrani Denys Rudder, and the Plantation did not close ’til after 1:00 that morning.

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