Survey of Barbadian Governance – Should the office of Prime Minister in Barbados have a limited amount of terms like in the U.S.? Why? Speak Up!

Owen Arthur was looking for an Unprecedented 4th Term of Office but in 2008 he faced a somewhat Rude Awakening from the local Electorate... Should the office of Prime Minister in Barbados have a limited amount of terms like in the U.S.?

Bahamian twice elected leader Hubert Ingraham suggested in the early 2000’s there should be a limitation of a PM’s length of stay similar to the USA (America did this Amendment after Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President for 3 terms before, during & after World War II) there are negative connotations which tend to  indicate extended stay can be dangerous; look at Papa Doc in Haiti, Eric Gairy of Grenada and Lynden Pindling who was Bahamas’ PM for either 4 or 5 terms (in Ancient Greece, their community heads were known as Dictators as they dictated policy for villages; they were allowed only one term as leader and had to move to another village and not be allowed to dictate for 2 years before running again) – there is a growing consensus in the region to limit the terms of duty, what say YOU? Remarks below in box provided…

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  1. Two Terms enough, third term you feel you own the place – look at Thatcher or Blair in Britain

  2. Never took you for a Bee, old Bourne, I really couldn’t give a damn who’s in once my money isn’t touched

  3. Owen should be President for life, then he could deal with YOU!

  4. What do you mean?

  5. You treasonous ass will get cut tomorrow along with Stinkler, just you see now!

  6. I am sooo scared …. NOT!


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