Rihanna 2005: Keeping the Record Straight – When Barbados was in shock over a pair of Jeans

Man’s greatest aspiration, according to George Bernard Shaw, is his heart’s desire… Shaw also pointed out Man’s greatest folly is in achieving their heart’s desire! A more blunt way of getting it across? Be careful what you want, you may get it! Here’s Barbados’ 44th Independence and I was wondering what to do…

This is the Rihanna most folk would like to stay forever thinking that way - yours truly is also guilty of such stagnation!

Many fans of Barbados’ greatest export, Rihanna, usually feel either myself or Free Press slap her down all the time – on my part, it’s that I expect a higher standard as she represents us over and away.

Then I recalled when I defended her as her career was just taking off, and I kept searching and searching for those words ’til I found them… Boy, was I shocked?

As Sophia in Golden Girls would say? Picture this – September 2005, a little over year before I contemplated the blog which led to this website, I used to offer a review for the print media and here’s what I had to say when Bajans were annoyed at how Rihanna dressed while coming home to Bim and spending some time at Rockley Beach, where she stopped at a well-known fast-food outlet to get one of her favourite snacks, a roti (the green and beer reference was related to a DJ contest sponsored by Heineken);-

Speaking of green, while it is the colour of life and energy or renewal – it is also envy, and I think that people who complained about our own local singing star Rihanna’s swimsuit on a newspaper front page recently should form their own Green Party (not to be confused with the one in New Zealand)…

How petty can you get? As for moderators allowing it to be discussed on radio talk shows when there are far more important topics like child abuse or if elections may come before or after Cricket World Cup, they should be made to take a sauna in one of Shaquille O’Neal’s sneakers after a game and stitched inside of the sole at that!

I was at the fast food establishment in question that Sunday, I saw the girl and when I saw a patron of the place humbug her for an autograph, I recall saying to myself that I should leave her be…

I was wicked enough to take up my Sony Ericsson k300i and play my ringtone of her song until she looked up and I just waved, and that was all – I figured she wanted her space to chill with her peeps.

If she was as slack as old fogey Bajans made out to be, then why did she bother to wear jeans over her outfit? It was because she was aware it was a bathing garment and required another accessory to be socially acceptable in a semi-relaxed dining atmosphere – is that not realising standards must be met at least halway? Does she not promote this island 24/7, maybe even better than the BTA or BHTA??

Am I saying to cut her slack as she looks to do something for here? Hell, yes! If you have a problem with it then look for a time-machine and head for 1929, when BBC radio news-presdenters wore tuxedos to do the flipping news, how sad yet true and dumb! In wishing to be a Republic, we seem to have formed Neo-Colonialism, how icky…

"...here’s hoping Rihanna has many more hits and she buys even skimpier outfits to annoy more people..." I had no idea it would go THIS far?

As for Rihanna’s new music video, it was cool and way more tropical and Caribbean-like, I’d like to see her do a remix with maybe Sean Paul… The video was well constructed, and here’s hoping Rihanna has many more hits and she buys even skimpier outfits to annoy more people I bet half of those twits who complained about Rihanna have some children that dress in even more questionable outfits…

I have seen e-mails of photos where girls at dub fetes wear their negligees and nothing else! Why not talk about that? Or do you lack a computer? Stop being green with envy and grab a beer instead! Relax, life is too short to decide how much cloth you have on your body – or would you rather be like the Taliban Militia of Afghanistan and encase women in burqas? Grow up, man! Get a life!

Well, you see where I emphasised my own words? Yup, she sure has worn skimpier outfits and has annoyed many ppl including ME, LOL!! Have a great Independence celebration, Barbadians, and may you always try to watch your own words as you may be caught on thine own petard…

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