Plantation Garden Theatre to implement new Format for National Karaoke: Who was People’s Choice as opposed to Decision of Judges in the end?

Many Bajans are still muttering about the choice made at Plantation Garden Theatre by Judges for the finale of the inaugural National Karaoke Championship – although the decision is final, nevertheless, many folk think the choice since sponsored by a cellular provider can be decided like VOB’s People’s Monarch.

Shelley's theme song came from "Dreamgirls," but she vows her repertoire will be different next year...

It appears the two main favourites were narrowly between Mary Clarke or Laverne Smith but a lot of the audience felt since they were not “pretty” so the final victory went to Shelley Chase, I do know when I heard the finale at the show that Ms Chase’s diction seemed a little cotton-mouthed? The victory did not sit well with many who still want to know why it happened that way… If you recall, one of the judges probably took their role a bit more seriously than intended – but this is my view and not a final statement of the matter.

This is the sister of Admiral Nelson - her favorite songbook was Gladys Knight and many felt the Championship should have been hers...

What is Ms Chase doing with her prize winnings? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Shelley plans to invest most of her victory fee in voice lessons.

Ms Chase also received a 42" Flat Screen TV and a professional recording contract for one tune with Pyramid Entertainment

The reality series was the brainchild of Tony Hoyos, Managing Director of the Plantation and former Director of BNB, he says next year’s edition will be more concise {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

This year, qualifiers ran from April to September – but the plan for next year is to run from March and complete by May, with only four weekends for qualifying.

Extreme Left - Hostess Janelle Walcott (whose posterior was grabbed during an audience mini-contest by an old lady) had the contestants in sweating wonder as they were trying to assess whose victory it was that night...

The savvy investor plans to host other kinds of events at the popular South Coast venue, with a view towards involving more levels of Bajan society into reviving the local economy via Entertainment.

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