Not so long ago, a furore was raised in Customs by some who did not want cameras tracking the daily events inside various work stations - is this letter part of why the objection was raised by Government employees at both the airport and seaport of Barbados?

A group of well known concerned Businessmen in Barbados whilst not wanting to publicly reveal themselves (for fear of victimisation from particular Customs officers) have revealed exclusively to the Bajan Reporter of an on-going “scam” by several Customs Officers at the Cargo Terminal at the Grantley Adams International Airport… In the group’s own words;-

Customs Officers are suposed to report to work for 8:00 am Monday to Friday except on Hollidays, but for MONTHS now the Officers at the Cargo Terminal have been arriving at work for 9:00 am – and if you want them to show up when by law they are supposed to at 8 o’clock – then you have to pay them their overtime rates, if you refuse this? They do all kinds of things to punish you for not allowing them to rob you blind!

Is this Public sector reform? Is Barbados a corrupt little third World country where someone wearing a uniform (I’d more describe it as a ‘costume’ now – with the kinds of dishonourable people wearing it these days) can blatantly cheat hardworking businessmen and women and get away with it!

Where is the Minister responsible? Where is the CID Department investigating thesethieves in uniformand carting them off to jail? Or is everyone afraid that theDuke of Yorkwill shut down Barbados to defend a handful of bold-faced thieves who are bringing disrepute to the Barbados Custom Department?


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  1. Sir/Madam, tell this liar to check for the facts or at least give us a story that can ‘back up’ his lie. This person has an agenda to make custom officers look bad but the truth always prevail. What these business persons should do if they are are being ‘unfaired and rob’ by custom officers is to go Frank Holder the Ag. Comptroller of Customs and have him investigate. He believes everything he hears about his officers, especially negative comments.

  2. Sir/Madam, tell this ‘apologist’ who is obviously ignorant of several facts:
    Firstly – under a previous government the then Comptroller of Customs in Barbados WAS FORCED TO RESIGN because the FBI had provided the then PM with foreign bank account records in the then Comptroller’s name that far exceeded any legitimate income he could possibly have earned from his salary as Comptroller – even if he had held that job for 50 years!
    This ‘Eddoebakes’ person should also follow approximately 13 Customs officers to their lavish homes (some complete with swimming pool and luxury cars) and ask them how in the world can they afford their lifestyle on the meager salary of a Customs Officer? Maybe old Eddoes (whom I suspect to be a Customs Officer himself/herself) can choose to believe that maybe they all won the Lotto, it is possible…albeit highly unlikely.
    Only a complete fool would believe that no Customs Officer is corrupt (same kind of person that believes no police officer is corrupt either).
    Move to the real world and realise that in EVERY profession/occupation – as long as human beings are involved in anything – CORRUPTION IS INEVITABLE!
    The saying “one bad apple spoils the entire basket” was not coined out of thin air, there is truth in it – and it can be applied to all and sundry.
    Most Customs Officers are honest people (and so too are most Police Officers), but to claim that none are corrupt makes YOU the liar!
    Last but not least, ‘unfaired and rob’ (say ‘unfaired and robbed’ instead) is an example of incorrect grammar – so I quickly deduced that you did not achieve a grade 1 or 2 in CXC English, but then again I am but a mere ‘Liar’ whilst you are clearly a ‘font of wisdom’.

  3. This article contains a number of inaccuracies.
    It is hoped that we can ccheck our facts before we run to the keyboards.

    The Comptroller of Customs was not forced to resign niether did the Comptroller resign.

    Who are these 13 Customs Officers ?
    What is a luxury car ?

    Bajan Reporter and FBI

    please take note

    Most people know nothing of the Customs Laws of Barbados and speculate on all sorts of issues and Customs matters

    Please educate yourself in these matters before you write or speak. CARELESS TALK DOES NO ONE ANY GOOD.

  4. Uh – I did not write the article? This is a rant from people who deal with Customs & Excise…

  5. Hello

    Too many lies.
    Business men are usually dishonest anyway so you cannot believe a thing they say. Liars and thieves with smart alec mentalities are found in business circles all the time


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