Owen Arthur says one must excuse the “…innocence of newness…” with Chris Sinckler’s debut Budgetary Proposals, however, as the MP for St Michael North East pointed out, if this VAT hike is a temporary measure then Bajans are more likely to withdraw extensive spending until the severe recoup measure has been withdrawn…

{FILE IMAGE - Owen Arthur, at Centre}

In essence – since PM Freundel Stuart did not (and will not, at least publicly – unlike Owen Arthur) rebuke Chris Sinckler’s “maiden batting at the crease” to borrow from a popular Bajan pastime – then the DLP has disrespected the intelligence of the average Bajan, with draconian measures and selective alleviation to small business as middle class Bajans are now being told bear the brunt of this exercise, if their pockets are to save this island-nation then where does the replenishment of same pockets emanate from? Selling the hairs off their collective crutches along Bush Hill by the Garrison? The late David Thompson stated a fear of “Crime & Violence” in 2003 Elections, but right now with the economy dropping close to what Jamaica’s own is like, Barbadians really better watch out for “Crime & Violence” as many people feeling disrespected may take matters in their own hands to restore some sense of financial empowerment!!

When Owen sought to deliver his reply to the Budget he suggested the sale of the BNB shares as an alternative to boosting VAT, but this measure appears too stop-gap to be very effective for a long-term goal. His presentation also seemed like either he was having a coronary or about to go in a crying jag – I guess when he considered how he supposedly left Barbados’ coffers and now what it has been reduced to, Arthur felt enormously disrespected.

{FILE IMAGE - George W. Payne; his disrespecting people is nothing new, when I was at Roebuck Street after the Palace Coup, I dared ask if the ousting of Mia was a gender issue, and I overheard him mutter to OS Arthur that I was asking enough questions and it's time to move on to someone else... Payne's clashes with the media are legendary, when he threatened Roy Morris who was still with the Nation at that time, Payne was immediately fired by Arthur both as Acting Attorney General and as Housing Minister and left as back-bencher for the remainder of Arthur's tenure}

One glaring lack of respect was George Walton Payne to his constituents in St Andrew – when the Speaker chose to reprimand him by not acknowledging the Chair per normal Parliamentary procedure, he chose silence instead of remorse to deal with the issue. Considering Payne’s victory over Irene Sandiford Garner the last time elections were called was not even by 50 votes, he needs to learn to be more diplomatic and not behave like a constipated rhinoceros.

{FILE IMAGE - Mia Mottley at BCCI Luncheon, Sept 2010} Both Chamber President Andy Armstrong & Dr Justin Robinson of UWI gave Mottley full marks for her watershed address which was really a manifesto; her contribution to Budget 2010 was an Addendum to her initial plan for creating Economic Recovery of Barbados

One person who showed respect even when both sides of the House did not was the Honourable Member of St Michael North East, Mia Mottley – she was the only MP to address Chris Sinckler correctly as Minister of Finance, even the Speaker did not correct all who merely referred to the former CPDC Executive by his MP status. She also acknowledged the schoolshildren brought to see the day’s proceedings, what the young students did not know is that Ms Mottley’s presentation was not even welcomed by some of her own Party.

This is why in her summation she sought to clarify what is healing and what is respect if certain objectives are to be accomlished as full team. The Video included here is the Summary of her original presentation, we’ll look to bring the parts in due course…

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