Barbados Senate has two new appointees – while Barbadians are confused by Owen Arthur’s same speech which praises and chides predecessors?

Technically this is not a New appointment for Symmonds, this is recycling - in the case of Ms Bradshaw it is totally accurate to state a new post has been devised.

Barack Obama, where possible did not throw out Bush appointees when he became the 44th leader of the USA, mainly to keep a smooth flow of operations and to avoid training a new set of staff to do the same set of work – it served a twofold effect, it streamlined operations for the transition of one Administration to another and it also showed there was no ill will between GOP & Democrats since Obama wanted to try and blur the lines of both sides – many still debate at this moment the wisdom of such a decision…

The policy method was cited nevertheless as Owen Arthur now settles in to his mantle of  Opposition Leader, there were two members of the Upper Chamber as appointed by his predecessor Mia Mottley, removed in a very nasty ‘palace coup‘ as many still view it – these Upper Chamber members replaced being ex-Environment Minister Liz Thompson & attorney Arthur Holder. Now what they did was technically correct, they placed their instrument of Office at his discretion and he publicly acknowledged this in Parliament’s West Wing today {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Observe in this clip how Owen Arthur makes a Freudian slip of referring to Holder’s and Thompson’s submission of instruments as resignations as opposed to him reviewing their posts at his discretion – did he ask for them to leave or did they volunteer?

However, what is confusing, towards the end of the official introduction of new/renewed appointees Santia Bradshaw and Kerrie Symmonds, Mr Arthur suddenly implies that their same forebears left him, and by extension, the BLP on the lurch, so to speak {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Here in the same time frame of this conference, the MP for St Peter implies that Thompson & Holder just walked off the job and that’s why he had to choose Kerrie & Santia – by the same token, could Mr Arthur not have privately approached the BLP Senators and asked them to stay where they are for the sake of the image of the Party? Would that not be a better way of avoiding “strife” as Owen called it?

Mr Arthur made it his business to be very affable, even so far as to inquire after my father who assisted in the St Peter MP's 1984 campaign when he debuted...

It seemed a rather ugly thing to do and somewhat petty, since Mr Arthur did not have to accept the resignations of either Mr Holder or Ms Thompson, he could have asked them to hold strain, but instead he resembled when a new animal is staking territory with their scent, by speedily accepting the placing of their appointments at his discretion as an ipso facto demitting of their tour of duty. Mr Arthur may have left Mia Mottley’s candidates for competing an election in place, yet in the Upper Chamber he sought to establish his mark very swiftly.

Symmonds under heavy manners by both Nation & VOB press concerning his erstwhile union to Andrea Powers

The MP for St Peter was quick to deflect attention from himself, and did so by giving synopses of each new Senator {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The new opposition Leader stressed “it is alleged” that Symmonds has expertise in International Trade and he plans to test this knowledge soon – if he is unsure with Symmonds, why appoint him in the first place?

You see Mr Arthur’s profile of the former general Secretary of the DLP – does anyone recall Kerrie’s crossing of the floor when it appeared his star with the Dems was on the wane? Or while still with the Dems, his sexist attack on the BLP’s female candidacy of the day? – was rather brief, yet Mr Arthur’s assessment of Ms Bradshaw is definitely overflowing and justifiably so {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Mr Arthur made it very clear with Santia’s legal & entertainment background he intends to bring her on as Shadow Minister of Culture and has other plans for her expertise to be brought to bear on several aspects of his intentions to see Barbados recover economically.

The new Opposition Leader stated he will be revealing his line-up for his Shadow Cabinet very shortly, but not before he’s ready, as to making peace after the recent Gang Of Five assault, Mr Arthur says that anyone can assist and take part in his Shadow Portfolio and he is not stopping anyone from contributing should they wish to do so.

Senator Bradshaw handled herself well the other night in a meeting at Haggatt Hall, she is the daughter of fmr. BLP MP DeLisle Bradshaw

He also indicated that Clyde Mascoll, who many suspected would have been the other appointee, is now the Chief Spokesperson for Economic Affairs for the BLP. During the Q&A period, the Bajan Reporter asked Ms Bradshaw what will become of Pyramid Entertainment as she now enters a new phase of her political career, and she is prepared {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

While Managing Director of Pyramid Entertainment known for clients like Skinny Fabolous, Tameka, Peter Ram and Biggie Irie – nevertheless, Senator Bradshaw formulated succession plans for the running of her industry in the local, regional and international branches.

Meanwhile you will recall Kerrie Symmonds departure from the Senate was rapid and under a cloud as he was entering a rather acrimonious divorce. So my natural query was what changed Mr Symmonds’ mind? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Symmonds alleged that certain constituents pleaded for his return, and he took steps to ratify this maneuver back in May and when approached by Mr Arthur he decided to return to the pace he abandoned in 2008 due to personal matters made glaringly public.

At the end of the conference, while I was packing up, I realised that both Maria Bradshaw of the Nation & Ryan Gilkes from Starcom, actually rephrased my question in a more direct manner and I overheard Symmonds saying the divorce is almost official and this is a relief to him as he can now direct his energies towards his career of Public Service once again.

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