Barbadian Social Media influence Rihanna’s Mourning of Youngest Prime Minister of Barbados – Cultural Ambassador accepts responsibility and attends late PM Thompson’s funeral!

It is not often that Bajan Reporter praises Rihanna – not that nothing she does is creditable, but as a representative of Barbados, no less than the best is expected every step of the way, can’t do it? Don’t do it! Simple.

{FILE IMAGE - Courtesy Nation Publishing & Media Take Out}

However, as you will recall not so long ago, commentator and environmental activist Kammie Holder was outraged and expressed his disappointment with the Bajan entertainer for her apparent callousness in showing respect to the passing of the man who made her Cultural Ambassador despite objections to same – this same item is over 100 Facebook shares at the moment and growing…

Tonight? Kammie Holder's portrait is justifiably pleased as Rihanna acknowledges not only her homeland, but her conscience

The roar on the Internet was then followed not only by Barbados Free Press, but Media Take Out, both felt the singer was ungrateful to the memory of the Barbadian leader who died at a very young age due to a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Initially, a statement was made via an assistant of Rihanna’s and this too seemed rather aloof and generated further ire from Bajans near & far.

Rihanna, in all likelihood being made aware of the same social media she attempted to disparage in a song recently, has reviewed her decision over her absence from the ceremony which thousands of Bajans are expected to throng early Wednesday morning.

The Bajan Reporter salutes her decision to revise her strategy and respect the wishes of Barbados as a society, and not Barbados as politicos with agendas. Well done! You did the right thing, it may not be easy but the victory is sweeter and we respect you the more for your realisation that sometimes honour comes before money.

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  1. pfffffffffffttttt!!!

  2. Well done Ri Ri, it takes a big girl to do the right thing.
    Shine as bright as you can, and know that familys fight, but we as Bajans that share so much with you love you !



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