Barbadian man wheelies bike and slides under truck {Updated w/Facebook comments}: broke both legs and back then died

Believe it or not, on the same day; two accidents, similar incidents but different outcomes – one is River Rd (survival) and other by Passage Rd. (Unlucky result and subsequent picture)

Man under truck along Passage Road after wheeling went wrong! - Image Courtesy: Kammie Holder

This photo is exhibited as a reminder to motorcyclists not to do these stunts, too many Bajans have had some close shaves with these guys who feel they are the next Evel Knievel. Plus wet roads are not best moment for an attempt at such manoeuvres either!

Some Facebook reactions;- “Note to self… don’t wheelie in bridgetown

  • ” … just passed an accident in passage road, a motorcycle end up right under a truck, hope no one died?
  • This was another accident.. the other guy and his motorcycle collided and is in hospital, moire fortunate and still alive…. so sorry this young man lost his life but those are some extreme risks stuntmen take and sometimes they miss their mark…”
  • There were many accidents today… I saw one in St John and one near Sheraton
  • Appearently there were 2, when I passed and saw the accident in passage road I thought people had the location wrong, I noticed none of these accidents were covered on the cbc news
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4 Responses

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  1. These people seem to have a little or no respect for their or our other people lives. what wrong with take your time and leaving the stunts to the professionals.Their lives are so short lived.

  2. Barbadians suffer for too long with loads of traffic, but very few commuters will do what this man does. Maybe this will help in the long run? Loook out while travelling!

  3. I have been riding a motorcycle for over 30 years and I am a certified instructor. My wife rides and when my son and daughter are ready, they will be taught to ride too. So speaking from this experience I strongly believe that these types of pictures should be printed so long as some consideration is given to the respect and dignity of the injured and/or deceased rider. The public, especially other motorcycle riders, need to see what can happen when inexperienced riders take foolish risks on public roads. Motorcycle stunt riding is never okay on public roads. Too many Bajan bikers ride city streets with no safety equipment, unstrapped helmets, weaving in and out of traffic, splitting lanes etc… Riding has inherent risks but if you obey the laws of the road and show some respect to pedestrians and other motorists it can be an exhilarating, cost-effective means of transportation. My heart goes out to this rider?s family but as shocking as these pictures are, if it stops one young person from doing the same thing, then publishing the photo is justified.



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