Barbadian Dancehall? {UPDATE – Video removed by User & Comment} “Pat and Crank” a new song & video by Peter Ram released on Facebook is being labelled “atrocious and disgraceful,” many Bajans in shock at tune!

{Editor’s Note – (1) Video now pulled Social Commentary Rules Again; (2) My Thx to Peter Boyce for the Alert} I really must wonder how Peter Wiggins, aka: Peter Ram would feel if his mothers, sisters or daughters were accused of “Pat & Crank“? Worse, a video of them doing what is tantamount to dry masturbation? Peter Ram may say this is “We Culture” but does that make it Right? Even Akon eventually cleaned up his own sordid act…

Youtube user Reddawgkilla (charming name) has issued the following comment to Bajan Reporter;-

Justification of lyrically content is not my fight.

One single question to you? Do you “Wuck Up” when you hear soca songs that you like come on?

Well incase you have selective memory – “Wukkin Up” is a direct form of dry humping another person. As far as I recollect, that was to be banned some years back and so many people were against it, but as Bajans would say “It’s We Culture

Thanks for you point of view on the topic.. We can never please everyone all the time but the next venture will a positive vibe and we hope you’ll give the same attention.

How do we answer? No, not every Soca tune do I wuk-up on or with… When I usually do it was with my GF at that period in my Life, or my now Wife… I also state there’s tasteful wukkin’ up and raw nasty wukkin’ – guess where this one fell?

The original African dance which inspired Wukkin’ Up while sexual was not obscene just factual, what separates “Pat & Crank” between the original African movement is Class, in fact? I think it should be re-named “Pat & Crass,” what say?

Unlike Akon, Peter Ram did nothing to clean up his image - some learn, some stay in Detention, eh?

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  1. Lol wha looka dah foolish woman doh nuh lol


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