Artist Annalee Davis is working diligently to dispel the view of the struggling, starving artist and break any taboos that may remain about using art to achieve commercial success.

Developing into an entrepreneur after twenty years of working as a visual artist, Ms. Davis hopes to inspire young visual artists to view entrepreneurship as a viable choice.

Artists no longer have to shy away from entrepreneurship and lead lives where they struggle to support themselves and their families. They can combine entrepreneurship with art to lead a life that is financially sustainable and secure,” she asserted.

Manipura Inc. provides a unique Caribbean experience through imagery and discussion on Caribbean society. The company manages two artistic brands - Annalee Davis, a contemporary body of work that looks at universal issues through a Caribbean lens and Manipura, a commercial line that celebrates the beauty of the Caribbean. The range of products offered includes paintings, limited edition prints, home decor, installations, objects and several more.

A relatively new entrepreneur, Ms. Davis aims to motivate artists to consider entrepreneurship from much younger in their careers. “I would like to think that students and young artists will see the path I am taking as an example they can choose for themselves,” she noted, “I would also like to encourage my students to think about embarking on such an adventure earlier on in their career than I have done.

Artists are often wary of their art being seen as commercial and therefore live without the financial security that often accompanies enterprise, however, with the launch of her art gallery Manipura in late November, Davis is looking to prompt her students and other young artists to take the leap towards entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship may be a new path for the artists but Ms. Davis believes that the rewards justify the risk that is taken. “As a part-time teacher, I have the opportunity to engage with aspiring artists and share my experience with them about the dovetailing of the visual arts and entrepreneurship. Making the leap to see ourselves as entrepreneurs might seem novel for the average visual artist, but once the leap has been made, it can be financially rewarding.”

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  1. Great to read about you and your attempt to prompt young artists and your students towards entrepreneurship.

    LifeSpace Entrepreneurship


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