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Brian Lara, Trinidad’s Cricketing Legend ponders comeback to game if only under specific conditions

Brian Lara, Trinidad’s Cricketing Legend ponders comeback to game if only under specific conditions

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The Bermuda Sun managed to catch the Prince of Cricket in an off-guard moment and probed about a probable return from the legendary Brian Lara who bowed out of cricket three years ago. The reply they got may have caught them by surprise;-

I am 41 and if I come back in any capacity it must have a propensity towards coaching as well,” he told the Bermuda Sun.

There are still a lot of people who want to see me lift a bat and play some shots but obviously I see myself more in a mentoring role than anything else.

Yes, I can still play and I’m capable of doing well out in the middle but it must not be the main focus — it can’t be.”

FILE IMAGE – Towards end of Cricket World Cup 2007, Ye Olde Bajan Reporter met The Prince at Harbour Lights on Bay Street

The Trini southpaw, who’s heading for Bermuda next week for the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, says financing and a far more modernised approach to Cricket is its salvation if organisers can admit it;-

A lot of funds are needed and a different way of thinking as well. We have an archaic way of going about things —that’s not going to work in the modern-day sport.

Until that is solved I don’t see anything around the corner in terms of consistency and stability. One-off victories against the best teams in the world are still there — we can still pull those off — but to say we are going to perform consistently for any long period of time, that’s nowhere near on the horizon.”

This lack of funding and a myopic view can lead to many young cricketers missing on a chance they truly deserve, according to Lara;-

“…now there is a lot more technology and academies where people are paying more attention to the youngsters, which I think is a serious shortcoming in the Caribbean.

There is talent, it’s just how we can get that talent enhanced and prepared for the big stage.

Hopefully we can do something about it in the near future.”


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