Gone Walkabout: Bajan Reporter announces upcoming stories, worthwhile reading and Mini Vacation…

Wishful Thinking... Beats Rihanna's midget edition, eh? Still plan to have a cool day indeed!

Unless there’s a Major Upheaval or Crisis on Multiple Barbadoses, expect little or no activity from Wednesday evening, definitely Thursday and maybe Friday too… I was not hatched, ok? I was weaned like many mammals and I’m celebrating when I first drew breath. My taking a moment to appreciate Life as we know It does not mean the world has stopped, merely to consider other reading sources for a bit? There are a few, some better and some worse…

  • Living In Barbados is now Grasshopper Eyes The Potomac as Denis Jones took a career change from Barbados to USA, but his viewpoints and reminiscences are no less interesting. Without referring to Louis Gates or even Rodney King – Denis examines Police relations in the 21 st Century which is an excellent Tales Of The Unexpected with a Happy Ending.
  • Planet Barbados is usually the lighter side of this Gem of the Caribbean Sea, and this time she takes a turn you’d never expect by indulging in a little bit of lurid sex on the beach near a popular restaurant! What was the reaction? The Mother In Law’s was a classic, LOL!
    • No one is safe at Barbados Free Press not even me, who quite a few Bajans feel is the real author …. Uh, where do I get the TIME? Apart from writing and maintaining my own, as well as attending events to list on my website how would I MANAGE? Please!!

    Nala of "Ad Lib" in robe as Abraham Jones, a Born Again vagabond urging former victims to repent at Frank Collymore Hall

    Anyhow, BFP is very busy – they’re either attacking a possible Anti-Semitic architectural nuance of the proposed Mosque at Ground Zero (which on the face of it, is rather obscene – but I let Geert Wilders & Pat Condell speak for me); or they check out the Turks & Caicos’ woes with a guest Photoshop cartoon; also a different take on the flooding apart from Denis Lowe’s inertia and who can forget their Facebook Scrutiny of the BTA’s Social Media (sic)?

    • CGI, the Barbadian insurers of many items including vehicles, is on a serious campaign to get Bajans to do the right thing while behind the wheel and on the asphalt –  check out their Stay Safe Barbados and add your voice to keeping Barbadians alive even longer by driving more sensibly.

    So there’s a fair bit to do while I indulge on my quasi-hiatus, you also have my contact methods, if you wish to give me a birthday present? Please note virgin ingots, Euros as well as Visa, Am-Ex or Discover are will NOT be refused! 🙂

    What is due between now & the weekend? A lot! A review of “It So Happen,” the Timothy Callender Suite; the CTO Leadership Conference; Plantation Garden Theatre’s Karaoke Finals; what the new Culture Minister must prioritise and MORE!

    Also a plan to revive more Book Reviews between now and the end of 2010 – maybe Invictus with Rugby Capt Francois Pienaar & ANC Leader Nelson Mandela with the Springboks; more from the Sookie Stackhouse series and possibly some anti-homophobia from Thomas Glave or why crime cannot pay as seen by Chuck Wexler?

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    1. I am back, Thank Goodness!



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