Driving along Barbados highways, beware of Norman Niles Roundabout – Assaults with large rocks happening!

This e-mail appeared in the Bajan Reporter’s Inbox and we decided to let you know about it compared to other fallacies, this may be more serious (Yes, we ignored the gang initiation note as that was hi-jacked from the USA along with the bogus key-rings, both disproved at premier Myth-Buster Snopes)…

"The police admitted that they had had reports of similar incidents."

This not the first time we chose to alert you of vehicular hazards… This e-mail also originated from a respected member of the mercantile sector, here’s the warning which came with a phone number for verification;-

Last night 18 October 2010 around 11.30 pm my wife and I were returning home. We had just left the Norman Niles roundabout heading east to the Salters junction, when a man stood up from the side of the road and hurled a huge stone at our vehicle. For those of you familiar with that road, the incident occurred before you get to the bus stop on the left side of the road. It was almost immediately after leaving the roundabout.

The noise of the impact was akin to the same noise heard when metal compacts in a car accident. That will give you some idea of how hard he threw the stone.

Fortunately, the stone struck the door and only the vehicle was damaged. My wife who was on that side was thankfully not harmed. We called the police and went on to district B police station to report the crime. The police admitted that they had had reports of similar incidents. District A telephoned me later that tonight to say they had investigated the area and did not find the individual but would continue to investigate.

You always hear or read about these types of incidents in emails etc., some of it spam and some not. Most of the time we don’t really think that something like this will happen in little Barbados. At least I had never personally heard of this happening here to anyone I know. But this was a real occurrence.

I don’t know what the individual’s intentions were but my first instinct was to stop and confront this man. In fact I am sure you all can imagine what I would have really have loved to have done to him but my wife thought it best to continue on because you don’t know how many of them there could be and what kind of armaments they have. Stopping to confront him might have been what he wanted. He may have been just a drunk or drugged out or he may have been part of some gang. You just don’t know.

I send this email as a public service. Please advise your friends and family or whoever as this, according to the police, is not an isolated incident.

My advice is to keep on moving and don’t stop, for anything.

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