Caribbean Blue Scorpion allows Cancer treatment to be made in Dominican Republic

Cancer medicine to be produced in the DR, bypassing USA's Cuba embargo

Medolife Corporation has signed an agreement with Alopecil Dominicana and Targot Comercial to produce and market Escozine, a natural medicine approved and certified for oncological treatments in the DR.

The nutraceutical uses serum derived from the Caribbean blue scorpion (Rhopalurus junceus) that is found in the DR. The nutraceutical will be produced in the country. Medolife Corporation concluded a contract with the Ministry of Environment of the DR’s Wildlife Department.

Until now, the natural medicine has only been available in Cuba, where it is known as Escozul. Cuban scientists have isolated three proteins from the poison of the Caribbean’s blue scorpion (Rhopalurus junceus), which inhibit malignant cancer cells.

The agreement seeks to get around the US trade embargo on Cuba, which makes scientific communication and exchange difficult, as well as travel.

Medolife, which also markets the medicine online, says that blue scorpion serum has demonstrated clinical success. An eight-year, open-label clinical study involved 8,302 cancer patients representing a wide spectrum of disease type and disease severity.

Blue scorpion serum showed an 89.5% success rate in the quality of life of subjects in the study. Thousands of stage four cancer patients who were only given months to live are still alive today years after first taking blue scorpion serum. Escozine has been used in combination with chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional treatments.

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