Barbados Labour Party allows Internal Strife to place their Public Reputation on the balance – Owen Arthur claims no wish to cast aside Mia Mottley as Opposition Leader, promises full interview this evening

In a move which no Barbadian is truly surprised at, the “Gang Of Five” (George Payne, Ronald Toppin, Gline Clarke, Dale Marshall & Owen S. Arthur) have by acclamation removed the Hon. Mia A. Mottley from her post as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition for Barbados.

George Payne barely scraped over 40 votes which just managed to keep Sen. Irene Sandiford-Garner away from his East Coast bailiwick

St Andrew MP George Payne (who had two recounts last election for his seat which was held by under 50 votes) confirmed this with Barbados Media today at the BLP’s headquarters on Roebuck Street {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Payne confirms that both Toppin & Marshall left BLP Headquarters around 10:37 am to inform the Governor General of the Coup D’Etat

Bajan Reporter queried the dark suited MP on allegations made in Print Media that Payne faced expulsion for his assistance in forming this clique, he appeared to be rather flustered when he refuted the claim made over the weekend {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The St Andrew MP sees the threat of expulsion as a move to ensure his silence.

Mr Arthur gathering details from one of his personal stalwarts who some may consider as a 'snitch'

When Owen Arthur was spotted speaking to one of his more ardent supporters, he at first refused to comment, but then relented with a brief statement where he professed his support of Ms Mottley and how he always sought to give her a chance {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Arthur claims he wanted to see Mottley have led the BLP and make Barbados forget he exists, and he wants a unified BLP

Arthur appeared to profess sadness at the decision which evolved, he emphasised Ms Mottley’s CV which, when juxtaposed with his current actions, seem to belie the following statement {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Arthur says his consultancies to Antigua and other interests will cease, he also recalls the posts he elevated the St Michael North East MP to and says the move to oust her was a difficult one to carry out

In Parliament's West Wing, Ms Mottley awaiting word from Governor General

Here is Ms Mottley’s complete statement {CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR ADOBE FILE} and when Bajan Reporter returns this evening, we shall look at not only Arthur’s Conference but the public’s reaction to the latest development which runs contrary to the BLP’s usual policy of settling Internal Disputes behind closed doors and not airing their dirty linen for the Democratic Labour Party to gloat over, far less all walks of Barbados seeing this 70-plus year old institution in seeming disarray.

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  1. What if Mia runs for post of Chairperson of party and rinses out George Payne?
    Can she still run for Presidency? If so, what if she wins that too?
    What about the candidates selected during Mia?s dispensation? Will Owen throw them out and look for his own team of candidates? Can he do that?
    What if, next election, those who are for Mia then are more than they for Owen?
    If the candidates selected under Mia?s leadership bring their case against George, will that not drive bigger wedges in the party?
    How are Mia, Rawle and Cynthie going to respond now?.. after it has been publicised how someone tried to sabotage the Conference with bogus delegates?

  2. Great reporting Mr Bourne, your reporting is far above what the partisan media houses provide. Keep it up! Remember truth over deceit always.


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