Barbados Fertility Centre are globe trotting next weekend in their efforts to reach couples trying to conceive

Dr. Juliet Skinner of BFC

Couples in Antigua can benefit from meeting Dr. Juliet Skinner as she holds an educational seminar on fertility in Antigua, as other team members will be exhibiting at The Fertility Show in London, UK.

Up until now Antiguan couples who needed IVF treatment had to travel abroad for IVF, and this was usually sought from centres in the USA, at very high costs and with long lengths of time needed abroad during treatment. However, thanks to a new initiative between Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) and the Mansoor Medical (MM) in Antigua, these couples now have a greater chance of successful treatment.

Dr. Juliet Skinner of BFC & Dr. Raymond Mansoor of MM will be hosting an educational seminar free of charge for couples that are trying to conceive on Saturday 6 November 2010 at the Mount St. Johns Medical Centre from 9am until 11am.

The seminar is aimed at all couples that are trying to conceive as well as the local medical practitioners, such as doctors and nurses, who advise these patients. The purpose of the seminar is to educate couples on the reproduction process, alleviating the stress associated with trying to conceive in the hope that these couples may be successful in achieving a pregnancy.

Since 2002 Barbados has been home to a world class IVF unit, which has helped many couples from the Caribbean with infertility. BFC has become a centre of excellence for IVF with impressive success rates, and patients are travelling from as far as the UK, USA and Canada for treatment.

Barbados Fertility Centre in Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados, WI

Since 2007 BFC have been accredited and given the gold seal of approval by the Joint Commission International (JCI) of the USA, as a provider of top quality medical facilities and care. Barbados Fertility Centre is the only institution with such accreditation in the entire Caribbean. This is excellent news for Caribbean patients as it assures them that the quality of care they will receive when deciding on BFC for IVF treatment is as good as clinics in the USA or the UK.

The specialised team at BFC has worked to streamline treatments to make IVF easier and less stressful for patients, and now BFC and MM is further expanding and improving options for patients in Antigua and the northern Caribbean islands. MM announces the opening of its new branch, the Antigua Assisted Reproductive Centre (AARC), which is developed to assist all patients who require fertility assistance.

Dr Raymond Mansoor, consultant and founder of MM is a renowned Gynaecologist in Antigua and over the last few years has discovered a void in the care for couples needing fertility assistance.

To remedy this problem, he has collaborated with BFC to improve the services available for patients with infertility problems on the island.

This new development will certainly make IVF an easier process with less travel and therefore less cost and less stress incurred for Antiguans. BFC also hopes that many couples from the northern Caribbean islands will opt to have the pre-cycle care carried out by the AARC in Antigua, and all aspects of this care will be exactly the same as those received at BFC and that travel to Barbados will only be necessary for the IVF treatment.

Dr. Mansoor will treat patients in a comfortable, professional office equipped with 3 consulting rooms, a 3D ultrasound machine, a procedure room and in consultation with BFC will decide if patients actually need to undergo IVF treatment. Only then will patients need to make the trip to Barbados to the state of the art facility, which comprises of an operating theatre, a 4-bed recovery suite, an on-site laboratory, ultra sound rooms and consulting rooms. The centre has a diversity of patients whose age’s range from 26 – 46 years old. There are many different causes of infertility and BFC tailors the treatments to meet the needs of their patients.

BFC is committed to continuously improving all aspects of patient care and treatment. With this new satellite location it reinforces their goal of making treatment as accessible as possible to the people of the Caribbean.

BFC has year on year increased the number of couples conceiving through creation of a stress reduced environment for couples under going IVF treatment, this combined with accreditation to ensure the quality of patient care can only mean constant improvement in the service that they provide. Antiguan couples can only benefit from this home-based, world class Caribbean partnership.

BFC is one of the first IVF units in the world to offer a combination of medical tradition and a holistic approach by treating couples both mentally and physically with massage, reflexology, acupuncture and counselling on managing the whole IVF procedure.

BFC believes that their approach of allowing couples to relax whilst undergoing their Healthy Mind and Body programme is why they are so successful.

Dr. Juliet Skinner, Head Clinician at BFC and Dr. Raymond Mansoor, Head Clinician at MMC can be heard discussing the new project on Friday 5 November 2010 from 11am on Observer Radio 91.1FM. There will also be another chance to hear them talking about the project on Good Morning Antigua and Barbuda on Monday 8 November 2010.

The seminar is free of charge however as seating is limited you should register by calling (268) 463-2232/3, or you can email

For those in London you can visit Barbados Fertility Centre stand at The Fertility Show held at Olympia on Friday 5 November and Saturday 6 November 2010. For more information please go to

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  1. Oh wow 🙁 Just saw this, was in Antigua too. Damn!

  2. You’ll find nothing better when compared to your own child. Everyone loves the new baby, and a big plus is how parenting is no longer just the female.

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