Barbadian Singer Rihanna absent from Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand, despite having been chosen as Maid Of Honour

Sources insist that Katy understood why Rihanna couldn’t be in India.

Everyone knows that BFF means Best Friends Forever in 21st Century girltalk, and everybody is also familiar with the fact Rihanna and Katy Perry vowed to be BFF – so when Katy got married to Brit comedian Russell Brand in a six-day ceremony in India… Where was the Good Girl Gone Bad?

The Celebrity Cafe says RiRi’s workload kept her away but not before she late BFF Katy know of the waylay;-

One person was missing from among the 80 or more guests, Katy’s BFF, Rihanna.

According to TMZ, sources at the wedding said that Rihanna wasn’t in attendance.

RiRi was part of Katy’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas where she told Katy that she wouldn’t be in attendance because she had to be in the studio.

Sources insist that Katy understood why Rihanna couldn’t be in India.

A source close to Perry told that the bride harbored no ill feelings about the diss and understood the reason to be work commitments. The festivities are expected to continue today at the five-star Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel, where rap star P.Diddy is rumored to be performing.

What appeared in Rihanna’s place was Tiger, no – not the golfer, here’s more from the Actress Archives;-

A killer tiger did show up,though. Guests were protected by the killer tiger – who was attracted to the lights and music of the celebration and came as close as 50ft from the wedding tent – by armed guards.

An official told Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “This particular tiger has killed before. It came into the compound at 11pm, with the party at its peak, and caused pandemonium among staff.”

Strangely enough, Brand actually bought his new bride a tiger as a gift.

Mala, the female tiger Brand gifted Perry, wasn’t there, though. Brand chose the female tiger she is known as theepitome of beautyby park rangers and reminds him of his new bride – plans to leave the tiger in India and will pay for her welfare on Katy’s behalf.

So what animals managed to make it onto the guest list? A fortune telling parrot.

The bird picked out cards in response to guests’ questions and predicted Russell and Katy will have a long life, long marriage and long and successful careers.

Guess the correct cards to pick were not smeared with birdseed or crackers or both, right?

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