{WARNING, NC-17: Violence, Death, Racism, Blood & Extremely Graphic – Not for Squeamish} Massacre of Native Americans in (the state of) Mato Grosso, Brazil – Do not close your eyes!

On behalf of Our Tribe:

We cannot sit still and be quiet anymore in a situation that urges action.

Infants chased away from their birthright and forced to subsist on filth as nourishment?

Infants chased away from their birthright and forced to subsist on filth as nourishment?

These photos were taken by a photographer who cannot be identified because his life is at risk. This is a genocide that is happening in Brazil, in a state ruled by President Lula’s political party (PT)*. We must not close our eyes and turn our back to those people who are suffering all kinds of discrimination and violence. Children die of malnutrition and adults commit suicide by drinking themselves to dead. (Where does the booze supply come from?) The infant mortality is high and the murder rates as well. The mass media refuses to publish this because it is the “land of Gilmar Mendes“** (according to the photographer’s own words), a mafia that is not afraid to kill anyone who dares to question or even try to help these poor people. The goal is to transform the little Native American land there is into soybean and livestock area, and this is already happening!


Here you see a photo of an Indigenous person killed by repeated strikes in the face, young Indians who commit suicide victims of depression and alcoholism and children dead from malnutrition. The villages are burned down to force the Kaiowa-Guarani people off their land … Look at the drawings of children, all images shown people being murdered because that is the reality of these little children forgotten by Brazil and all the irresponsible world media who laude Lula as the champion of the poor!


Please forward this, we want it to reach the hands of someone who can help!!

According to the photographer who sent us these pictures the only chance for these slaughtered Indigenous people is the interference of some strong and foreign institution working in the field of human rights.

Foreign” because the MAFIA that is behind the ongoing genocide is infiltrated in all the branches of official organs and authorities and there are very few who have the courage to speak out or do something since the mobsters threaten and kill without hesitation.

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Natalia Forcat
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NOTICE: This e-mail contains terrible images WHICH MUST BE SEEN!

A coincidence(?): I was with a friend a few days ago and we talked about the ongoing genocide committed against the Kaiowa-Guarani People.

She told me that back in the 80s, early 90s, while she worked on cases of “suicide“, an forensic expert – very famous today – was studying 20 of these suicides and had come to the conclusion, that most of them were incredible “accomplishments” just to avoid a more blunt word. Since most of these “suicides” were committed by young people who hanged themselves from a height less than their own and still managed to break the neck…

The photo of an Indigenous boy hanged below does not invalidate such insinuations. Or did the branch give way over time, until they find his body?

The photo of an Indigenous boy hanged below does not invalidate such insinuations. Or did the branch give way over time, until they find his body?

Isn’t it (in many cases) rather opportunistic and ruthless talk on suicides in the region in order to cover the ongoing genocide?

Luis Carlos de Alencar


*Blairo Motor sawMaggi (his nickname is a reminder of his stand towards the rainforest and the Native Peoples living in and depending on it) is a soya-billionaire and former governor of Mato Grosso who started out politically in the PPS (acommunistparty opposed to President Lula) but soon changed to PR (a fascist party) in order to support(!) President Lula. (Everything is possible in Brazilian politricks.)
He is the single most responsible person for Marina Silva to step down as (very successful) Secretary of the Environment, since President Lula favored Motor Saw Maggi rather than his secretary and party founding comrade Marina (who is now running for president as the Green Party’s candidate).
He is not governor anymore but doubtlessly still one of the most influential people in Brazil.
See more at http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blairo_Maggi

**53rd President of Brazil’s Supreme Court
Widely criticized by famous Brazilian law professors like Dalmo de Abreu Dallari (who is one of Brazil’s leading intellectuals and lectures on Peace Education, Human Rights and Democray and Tolerance at UNESCO, among other institutions) who wrote in an article in Brazil’s leading daily newspaper Folha de S.Paulo that with Mendes’ approval by the Senate (he was chosen by then president Fernando Henrique Cardoso) Brazil will be running serious risks as a state of law, including the fight against corruption and the constitutional normality.
Gilmar Mendes also had to encounter many regional prosecutors who were working for his impeachment. And he even made it into the BBC headlines. See more at http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilmar_Mendes

DENUNCIA! Massacre de Indios em Matogrosso! Não feche os olhos!


AVISO: esse email imagens terríveis QUE PRECISAM SER VISTAS!!!!

Toddlers draw out the horrors which have aged them beyond reason

Toddlers draw out the horrors which have aged them beyond reason

coincidência: estava com uma amiga há alguns dias e comentavamos sobre o genocídio dos kaiowá.
ela me disse, que lá pelos anos 80, início dos 90, trabalhou com os casos de “suicídio”.
um perito – muito famoso até hoje – estudou 20 e tantos episódios naquela ocasião e declarou-lhe, o que também é a sua opinião (a de minha amiga), ser uma proeza incrível (na falta de melhor palavra) a maioria desses “suicídios” serem cometidos por jovens, ou quase jovens, que se enforcaram de uma altura menor do que a sua própria.
e ainda conseguem quebrar o pescoço.
a foto do garoto indígena enforcado abaixo não desmente tais insinuações.
ou será que o galho cedeu com o tempo, até acharem seu corpo?
será que, em algumas situações, não há um oportunismo cruel com o discurso dos suicídios dos kaiowá para encobrir diversos casos de extermínio naquela região?
abraços e solidariedade

Luis Carlos de Alencar

Is this right?

Is this right?

DENUNCIA! Massacre de Indios Guarani Kaiowá em Mato Grosso! Não feche os olhos!

Estas fotos foram tiradas por um fotógrafo que não pode se identificar pois corre risco de morte. Se trata de um genocidio que está acontecendo no Brasil, não devemos fechar os olhos para esta gente que está sofrendo todo tipo de discriminação e violencia. As crianças morrem de desnutrição e os adultos, por não vislumbrar saídas acabam se entregando à bebida ou se suicidam. A mortandade infantil é altíssima e os assassinatos também. Os medios de comunicação se negam a divulgar isto porque lá é “terra de Gilmar Mendes” (segundo as próprias palavras do fotógrafo que plasmou estas atrocidades) , uma mafia que não tem medo de assassinar quem for questionar ou até tentar ajudar esta pobre gente. O objetivo é transformar as reservas em plantação de soja e criação de gado e isso já está acontecendo!!!
Tem uma foto de um índio morto a pauladas no rosto, indios jovens que se suicidam vítimas da depressão e o alcoolismo e crianças mortas de desnutrição. As aldeias são incendiadas para forçar os índios abandonar a terra…Vejam os desenhos das crianças, em todas as imagens aparece gente sendo assassinada pois essa é a realidade destes pequenos filhos esquecidos do Brasil!

Por favor, repasse, queremos que isto chegue às mãos de alguma pessoa que possa ajudar!!!!

Segundo o fotógrafo que nos encaminhou estas fotos a única possibilidade para estos índios é a interferencia de alguma instituição de peso ESTRANGEIRA de direitos humanos pois a MAFIA que está exterminando estos índios está infiltrada em várias instancias do poder e são poucos os que tem coragem de fazer alguma coisa pois estes mafiosos ameaçam e matam mesmo!

How children interpret the evil they're forced to endure

How children interpret the evil they're forced to endure

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  1. Hi Ian,

    thanks for publishing this, much of the truth is edited OUT of what is alleged to be ‘News Organisations’ these days (more like propaganda mills in my opinion).
    I have seen things with own eyes (and in some cases have it on DVD) that people who prefer to live in ‘Fantasy Land where no-such evil occurs anymore’ exist challenge me to prove, what more can I do? Take them there in person? I first reported (from Bolivia in 2007) on the modern day CONTINUED COLUMBUS ERA (so we’re talking 500 years old) ENCOMIENDA SYSTEM enslavement of the Guarani tribe on the Bolivia/Paraguay border area (I think via the Bajan Reporter site too!) several years ago (the UN only sent a fact finding mission in the last year and confirmed it).
    This article will upset a lot of decent people, but if nothing else – it will make many (hopefully) wake up and swallow a dose of reality and take the statement “The Conquest initiated by Colombus on our peoples has not yet ended – and neither has our resistance to it” to heart. This is another reason why I am one of the few people who openly support the indigenous armed groups fighting against this very tyranny around the globe, letter writing campaigns and pacifist protest marches do not always work, at times when you deal with violent criminals you have to mount a vigorous violent and justified (under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) self-defense to save the lives of the innocent around you….despite what the bleeding hearts would like to believe…it was not a ‘letter writing campaign’ by Amnesty International that ended the butchery in Rwanda, it was the bullets from then Tutsi Guerilla leader Paul Kagame’s rag-tag Tutsi rebel army fighting the then Hutu Government Army of Rwanda that brought and end to the Genocide of the Tutsi people – and that is a fact of history.

  2. Never ever seen anything like this…. There are no words possible to describe how un humane this is how can we live our lives knowing this disgust is going on. how can we be scared? Imagine the fear of the PEOPLE living in these places.

  3. why does this happens

  4. Thanks for sharing the truth, I’ve been accustomed to seein news that only tells propaganda and hides ugly exposures.



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