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MCTV Barbados
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date Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 9:51 AM
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Dear MCTV,

It has been 8 weeks now – this must be a world record or something, so I will be returning my second box today – but you need to correct the bills I keep getting charging me for the use of the second box which has not worked or been
used since I reported it on July 9th 2010 – because the STV cable in my bedroom is obviously non-functional….and which no technician has bothered to check in the 8 weeks between July 9th 2010 and now.

Perhaps ‘corporate‘ did not bother to even forward the complaint below to ‘customer services‘ – which says a lot in and of itself.

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From: Damon Corrie
To: MCTV Barbados mctvcorporate@cbc.bb>;
Cc: MCTV Barbados
Sent: Fri, July 23, 2010 1:26:21 PM

To whom it may concern:

Today is the 14th day that I have been waiting in vain for the MCTV cable in my bedroom to be checked and replaced/repaired.

On July 9th both my MCTV boxes were brought in, both checked, one was replaced & the other proven OK , returned home – box in the living room OK – but the one in my bedroom was still not working.

On July 10th the ‘bedroom‘ box was returned – checked & still Ok, returned home & re-attached it to the MCTV cables in my bedroom – box still not working; the person at the front desk said “An MCTV technician will come to my house to
check the cables
as soon as possible.”

On July 12th I called to remind about the July 10th request for a technician to visit my house.

On July 14th I called to remind about the July 10th & July 12th requests for a technician to visit my house.

On July 15th I saw an MCTV van at my next door neighbor so I thought ‘Good – they’ll be coming over to me next since they are already here‘; but the van left.

On July 16th I called AGAIN to remind about the July 10th, July 12th & July 14th requests for a technician to visit my house.

On July 16th I called AGAIN to remind about the July 10th, July 12th & July 14th requests for a technician to visit my house.

Today is July 23rd and as of 1.15 pm (present time of writing) I have still not received a call from any technician asking for directions to my house and I still have an MCTV box that I can watch absolutely nothing on for the past 14 days. I expect NOT to be billed for the no-service on this second box.

Mr. Corrie

Account # ***-01****

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  1. And wonder of wonders – the day after I sent the above e-mail to customer service, MCTV corporate and Cc to Ian Bourne – two technicians arrived the next morning.
    Personally I do not fault MCTV Customer Service, but MCTV corporate did NOT bother to forward the e-mail I sent to them alone to customer service – as the technicians were shocked that I had registered this complaint since July 9th 2010! (as ‘Corporate’ never told them anything till this time). The Technicians were friendly and pleasant to receive into our home (as usual) but I think the folks who answer the ‘corporate’ e-mails need to be relieved (or transferred) of their posts for ‘dereliction of duty’.

    And the only thing I did differently this time was Cc to the Bajan Reporter for them to see, 8 weeks ago I had Cc the Nations leading newspaper – to no avail (much to my suprise), seems the Bajan Reporter gets results – and fast! LOL



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