In Russia, bite worse than bark – How much is that doggie in the dacha? Sr Citizen may lose her one asset, cute puppies, to auction’s hammer?

Over the years, Russia has a reputation as one tough cookie – their national symbol is a Bear, they have annual Polar Bear swims where gallons of pepper-infused vodka are quaffed before diving into ponds & lakes during the heart of winter among other activities which seem mild and nerdish for them…

Who can forget the apocryphal and legendary scene of the sci-fi classic film Armageddon, when at the end the heroes were looking to vacate the rogue asteroid which threatened our planet, then when one of the shuttles would not start, the Russian cosmonaut who was in Space for the last decade or more,  gets up and grabs a wrench only Thor or Paul Bunyan would consider flimsy and starts whacking the engine;-

COURTESY - REUTERS (Reporting by Maria Kiselyova, editing by Paul Casciato)

COURTESY - REUTERS (Reporting by Maria Kiselyova, editing by Paul Casciato)

This how we fix problem in Russian space station!” Then he delivers a swing worthy of Willie Mays, Ty Cobbs or Babe Ruth and the engine suddenly roars to life, LOL! A few Russo-Americans objected to this kind of Profiling but many Russkies thought it rather endearing…

The fact is, many people the world over feel Russians are a tough lot and perhaps they’re right? Some bailiffs there are planning to collect puppies as a means of cancelling a debt, according to Reuters;-

Russian bailiffs have threatened to take what is most precious from a Russian pensioner who has failed to pay a debt — her three Shar Pei pedigree puppies, they said Friday.

The pensioner, who bailiffs did not name, owes 350,000 rubles ($11,330 US) to an individual in her home town in Russia’s volcanic Kamchatka region in the Far East.

“If she does not fulfill her obligations (to pay back the debt) within 10 days, the puppies will be sold by the Federal Agency for State Property Management,” bailiffs said in a statement on their site

In Kamchatka, Shar Pei puppies fetch 15,000 rubles ($482.60 US) each, media reported. But bailiffs said they will try sell them for 5,000 rubles to attract more potential buyers.

They added that the famously wrinkled Shar Pei puppies have been allowed for the time being to remain with the pensioner, who breeds them as her sole source of income as she has no property.

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