HERALDING THE PROPHECY – Artiste not only sings positivity, he lives it.

Prophecy's star is shining

Prophecy's star is shining

Jamaica especially is renowned for its musical prophets, except we’re now witnessing the emergence of a singer who feels it’s not enough to rely upon well-worn clichés in bringing about lasting change, Prophecy. By declaring his willingness to get involved and participate in just causes, Reggae singer, Prophecy, has set himself apart from most other reggae acts, who rely on music alone to spread a positive message.

In 1996 Prophecy entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s National Song Contest where he was a finalist and worked diligently to hone his craft as a singer and songwriter. In 2002 he was one of many distinguished acts to perform at 3 AIDS awareness concerts throughout South Africa. Then in 2003 he travelled to Canada to perform at the Montreal Reggae Festival. Following this he won the 2005 Irie FM “Red Stripe Big Break” competition that championed conscious singers/songwriters, wining this event signalled a significant change in Prophecy’s life which led to a performance at the renowned Sumfest stage in Montego Bay.

Upon the untimely passing of Africa’s reggae super star, Lucky Dube, in 2007, the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation learned of the deep commitment and passion Prophecy has for the continent of Africa and enlisted him to write a tribute song and participate in the documentary dedicated to the life and work of Lucky Dube. Prophecy has consistently performed on all the socially conscious stage shows throughout Jamaica including Rebel Salute, St Mary Me Come From, EastFest and many other shows in Canada. He earned a number one place on Italy’s reggae’s charts in 2009 with his remake of the classic Mychael Rose hit Party in Session with Delly Ranks.

Prophecy’s mother was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and she used music as a tool of worship in the home which was the foundation for his musical career. He says he remembers when he just started writing his own lyrics, his mother would often listen to his songs and give him advice on how to change certain lines to make the verses and chorus sound better: “I am a positive artiste who sings reggae music; my music is a responsibility. I sing with emotion to provoke change and to some extent my mother inspired that in me.”

His mellow and hauntingly melodic voice has endeared him to the hearts of many throughout the world and songs such as Too Little Love, Chance, Party In Session, Life with You, Gully Gaza and many others have gained him support from Jamaicans across the nation, cementing his careers as a reputable Reggae artiste.

Prophecy is currently preparing to release his debut album which is dubbed Break Loose. Break Loose is produced by Dean Fraser along with Delroy ‘Worm’ Nevin, veteran Reggae musician producer Barry O’Hare and House of Hits. Break Loose will be release on the Jah Alone Label in early 2011.

Break Loose captures the essence of Prophecy’s message to the world which seeks to in-still love and respect for mankind and nature in the hearts and souls of the listeners. The first single Fight the Fight triumphs the working class and underserved populations harkening a call to the battle of resilience and equality. Newfound Love celebrates love in every form, Prophecy challenges the notions of traditional love songs and reaches new heights with this moving ballad that can touch the hearts of young and old.

Embracing his Rastafarian culture and knowledge, he speaks highly of their sacrament in Puff and Pass as a line in his song states, “the purpose of the weed keeps me going.” And his deep love for nature and his motherland Jamaica is evident in the song Sweet Jamaica, featuring Shakura from England.

Prophecy’s Rastafarian faith has instilled a love of nature in him that has manifested itself into an ambitious campaign to help rid Jamaica of single use plastics. Social action is a critical component in Prophecy’s life and this drives him to improve the lives of his fellow man and to preserve mother earth. He is deeply committed to education and firmly believes that the only way to overcome poverty and injustice is through the enlightenment of one’s mind and soul. Prophecy, over the last several years, has been donating school books to the less fortunate in his home parish of St Thomas and plans to grow this effort each year.

Lyrics simply are not enough for Prophecy, as his life example endeavours to show the way forward for the youth of Jamaica. The artiste not only sings positivity, he lives it.

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