Halloween: Put The Brakes On The Most Sugar-Driven Holiday Of The Year: Health Advice from Cancer Survivor, Roslyn Franken of Canada

If you're trying to live healthy, then Hallowe'en can easily be one of the most trying holidays to overcome. So how can you and your family survive this sugar-driven holiday?

If you're trying to live healthy, then Hallowe'en can easily be one of the most trying holidays to overcome. So how can you and your family survive this sugar-driven holiday?

Halloween is creeping up, a holiday marked by the sudden blitz of high sugar candy, chocolate, gummy bears and other sugary food items into your home and office. It may be all in the name of fun and tradition, but at what cost to the health of you and your family? With all the extra hard-to-resist high sugar food items within reach, if you’re trying to live healthy, then Halloween can easily be one of the most trying holidays to overcome. So how can you and your family survive this sugar-driven holiday without totally neglecting healthy eating habits? Here’s how.

  1. Make sure your kids eat something before they go out trick or treating. You want their little tummies full enough that they won’t over-indulge on their candy collection before returning home.
  2. Hand out mini-chocolate and candy bars instead of full-size. Keep quantities small by handing out one or two pieces instead of handfuls.
  3. Instead of chocolates and candy, hand out healthier choices such as mini-boxes of raisins, snack-sized bags of pretzels or popcorn, granola bars, fruit roll-ups or mini juice boxes
  4. Instead of only food items, throw in some non-food treats such as balloons, stickers, crayons, toy rings and other fun gift items.
  5. Ensure your family eats nutritious food first and serve only a small amount of candy as an after meal treat. This is much better for their teeth too and can save on those expensive dentist’s bills.
  6. Don’t buy Halloween candy till just before you need it and then ONLY buy what you need no matter how good a sale there might be. Otherwise it might be too easy to find yourself dipping into the treats ahead of time or giving some to your children because they’re “there”.
  7. If you decide to buy candy, be sure NOT to buy all YOUR favourites. Instead buy items you don’t like so that you’re less tempted.
  8. Keep vegetables and low-fat dip and fruits on hand for yourself to snack on instead of the candy while you’re handing out treats to the Trick-or-Treaters.
  9. Avoid letting your children dive in to their goodies all at once otherwise they may never learn how to control their portions. Instead, allow them only a few special treats Halloween night.
  10. Teach your children how to share and enjoy the gift of giving. With leftovers after Halloween night, put some aside and have your children make little care packages to give away to those such as friends, neighbours or classmates who may have not been able to go trick-or-treating perhaps due to illness.
  11. As for what’s left after that, the trick is to get keep it off the counters and out of plain view and make it last. Allocate one treat for each child for each day. Either sneak it in with their lunch as a surprise or have it as a special treat after dinner. This way they won’t overindulge and will learn to maintain control. Just think of how this will help them later on in life.This trick is great for adults too who find themselves battling the temptation.
Visit Roslyn online at www.roslynfranken.com

Visit Roslyn online at www.roslynfranken.com

By keeping these tips in mind along with a bit of planning and forethought, Halloween can remain the wonderfully fun holiday that it was meant to be for both our children and ourselves.

Roslyn Franken is the author of The A List: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living, a book that outlines a powerful self-directed change process for achieving your long term health, lifestyle and weight management goals.

Roslyn has overcome her own food and weight issues and has helped many others through her personalized counseling program and professional speaking services. She counsels clients by telephone and email across North America who are ready to build a healthy and positive lifestyle maintainable for a lifetime.

Roslyn also inspires and motivates corporate and community group audiences toward the practices of healthy eating and positive living through her professional speaking services.

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