BREAKING NEWS – Alleged Perpetrator in Wellington Street Vigilante Attack in Bridgetown has been charged with Rape


Rawle Gibbs denies performing the heinous deed, but here the crowd has already decided {IMAGE COURTESY: B'dos Free Press}

Made it my business to check back with Police concerning that frightening incident in the City where Mob rule prevailed. It is not looking good for the man who was tied to the post…

Forty-eight year old Rawle Harlon Gibbs of Spruce Street in the City has been charged with rape of a Minor, Police will not even reveal the age of the girl involved.

Gibbs has been remanded to Dodds until October 8th when he is due to appear in the #1 Magistrate’s court of District “A” for sentencing, may God have mercy on his soul – you know what inmates do with child molesters?

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  1. Good that there was a charge brought and this offender is off the street. What do inmates do with child molesters? Is your comment is a veiled reference to male rape? This is something that we fail to discuss in this country. If someone has been charged with an offence and is incarcerated, they should not have to encounter brutality of any sort. Our prison officials who turn
    a blind eye to rape in prison are no less. More culpable than the perpetrators of this act!

  2. No not male rape, remember USA’s Jeffrey Dahmer? Who barbecued male teens? He did not last long in Prison, inmates beat him to death… This happens very often with sexual predators whose victims are underage, Google it!

  3. The problem is that these men are laden with guilt, because by their own hand, for the most part they are separated from and helpless to protect the children and helpless member of their own families. Consequently, when they come across anyone who can fit the bill of the same kind of threat that haunts their nightmares they react to that person as a surrogate for the people who they feel they SHOULD be out there protecting their dependents from. The power of this kind of PROJECTION is so strong that the object of their hate rarely stands a chance.

  4. I cannot believe people still behave this way in the 21st Century.



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