Subway Barbados is Substandard – Hastings’ Lanterns Customers endure long queues in Subhuman conditions, Substantial Inadequacies in Food Preparation

These are primary observations when first impressions usually have distinct pro’s and/or con’s depending on one’s own personal taste (literally) so if Subway is offended, tough! Plus check this Web Magazine’s DISCLAIMER!

Where they used to be is now replaced with Digicel's Hastings outlet, plus Praxis (Men's Wear) and Electric Avenue

Where they used to be is now replaced with Digicel's Hastings outlet, plus Praxis (Men's Wear) and Electric Avenue

Does anyone recall when Mario Sabga-Aboud was in Barbados at the Hilton telling everyone that competition is good? Has anyone recalled Barbados is the only place in the world where MacDonald’s FAILED? Shakey’s was a franchise snuck in under the radar during Owen Arthur’s business friendly days, but it lasted like a smoothie during a heatwave!

If this was Smell-O-Vision, you'd get the raw onions on first whiff!

If this was Smell-O-Vision, you'd get the raw onions on first whiff!

I decided let me go in to Subway‘s the day AFTER it opens, as there should be less patrons – but you know most Barbadians are NS, CS: Never See, Come See and even though it was 5:00 pm there was a long queue waiting to see what the hullabaloo is about…

Relaxing after a meal that we're not so sure that Jared would approve of..

Relaxing after a meal that we're not so sure that Jared would approve of..

Before I lined up I talked to the few who were willing to go on Audio with their assessment of Subway’s (A guy in a loud orange shirt and short haircut with a face like a constipated fish had a bad experience, but he refused to go on Mic and relay his sojourn), the lady at the end of the clip had been to Subway’s in the US and was waiting in line like myself {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

One lady says the food is salty and is unsure if she’ll return, while her beau says the price is hot but he liked what he got, and the second lady ate in Subway in the USA and compared it with Cafe Blue and the Coffee Bean…

How long do you feel it is before Industrial Action occurs over the lack of an Extractor combined with onion fumes? You know the kitchen is next door and leads to heat seeping in to the Customer area...

How long do you feel it is before Industrial Action occurs over the lack of an Extractor combined with onion fumes? You know the kitchen is next door and leads to heat seeping in to the Customer area...

It was while waiting I endured my first and second strikes against them – the staff were chasing flies away from the food and their extractor fan was either not working or not yet installed, but my eyes started watering from the fumes of chopped onions and Italian spices they use for their freshly baked bread. I felt like I was trapped in an empty spaghetti-sauce jar!

I made sure and read How To Order since the line was not short – state the type of bread, which sub you’re eating if there are any extra toppings and what sauce, when I almost reach the cashier was a third strike… No Marinara sauce! They ran out? It was used to cook the remaining meatballs, but what about some ketchup instead? Well, the 2nd lady from the voice-clip was aghast, she stated that’s what makes the sub, so does she get a discount? The response is in the negative and when they turn to me I just say wrap mine up as I do not want ketchup as a substitute!

It's not that different from KFC, you should just ask what sauces are available first, then decide on your sandwich...

It's not that different from KFC, you should just ask what sauces are available first, then decide on your sandwich...

I order a cookie and a Coke for $3.00 to make it a Meal, according to them. I end up with Extra Cheese & Jalapeños making the final sum at $27.99! While I’m handing over the cash, I then hear a dude ordering a Steak & Cheese only to learn the Mustard ran out, tell me – if you debut a place and know folk will appear out of curiosity… Wouldn’t you overstock? Better to have dredges and ends to offer starving kids in Edinburgh or wherever?

So when I get home I try the cookie, Chocolate Chipallegedly, and it is dry and baked very crisp no moisture and the chocolate chips are few and hard…

Remember when Bajans flocked like lemmings to MacDonald's which is now Carmax?

Remember when Bajans flocked like lemmings to MacDonald's which is now Carmax?

Not impressed, Finally get to share the Sub with the wife, who also has eaten at Subway in USA, she takes two bites from her half & then wrings up her face, says I can finish it… She wanted to know what happened to the sauce, so I tell her and she asks, “Since when do you cook the meatballs in the sauce? It’s added on afterwards.” Her words, not mine!

I may try something different later, when a bit more time has passed, but honestly? I feel you get a better deal with the Sultan Restaurant where you can buy a wrap, salad and a drink for about $17.95 and it is cooked in front of you!

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  1. Flies? wha Cheffette doan got in nuh flies, whapart dem getting flies from?

    I heard folks talking about 25 bucks and up for a footlong. Is that true? Thats about 2 times what a regular footlong costs in north america but bajan fod always expensive so not surprising. I do think Subway will be more of a novelty thing though, you go once or twice and then thats it. It will be hard for them to survive.

  2. You going to get the Elias Crew and Slam 101.1 FM to come after you.

  3. I like your website and I like what you do and I think you are an ok guy Mr. Bourne but i have a question about this quote

    A guy in a loud orange shirt and short haircut with a face like a constipated fish had a bad experience, but he refused to go on Mic and relay his sojourn”

    Is this an inside joke? Was he your friend and someone who would be comfortable with you making fun of him? Suppose he comes on your site and reads your blog…is that comment responsible?

    In journalism you might make enemies, but make them for the right reason. For good reporting, not bad reporting, i.e just insulting random people, who actually know what you look like and who you are.

  4. I have no business there.

  5. @ Hey Now – That fellow behaved piggy to me, no need for that… Taught a lesson… Also my description is what makes here different from Mainstream / Dead Trees etc. I am more like Jon Stewart than say Ed Bradley?

  6. well just becareful…… 🙂

  7. That is why Barbados does not have genuine journalism, it is a society of walking on eggshells, time to step on toes and see who’s really alive!

  8. Comment number one sounds like a Chefette big wig!!!

  9. Did I say I favour Chefette? After having banned them for a year along with KFC? It is amazing what people assume – this reminds me of when as teen I’d form my own opinion on a topic or matter and one parent would blame the other for my thoughts, without checking if the ideas were my own from the start, sigh…

  10. People always attacking you,Mr.Bourne that is why you always on the defensive but John was saying that “jdid “s comment sounded like a chefette big wig… not yours.. comment number one,..

  11. Whoops, me culpa – no hard feelings, but yes speaking truth does lead one to have shields up then find out who’s shooting, LOL 🙂

  12. shields? You sound like a trekkie.

  13. John sorry I aint got nuh Cheffette connection bosie and if ya ever get me started on what they pass off as Rotis ya wud swear I looking to put dem outta business.

    Just found it curious Subway got flies. I do however think that with the bajan mindset Subway aint lasting long. Its healther than the other fast food options but at those prices it cant be an everyday meal choice for the average bajan. Its more like a luxury.

    in a sense it may play out like Mcdonalds. remember when they came and I was a youngster begging my fadda to tek me there. Once I went the one time and had the big mac I was so so very disappointed that I never went back. Same may happen to Subway, long lines now while its a novelty but when them prices really hit ya half dem people aint coming back.

  14. ? subway doesn?t taste that great, especially compared to a lot of regular bajan stores so i don’t what all the hype about. it?s always amazing to me when american ?cheap brands? come to other countries how it?s treated like the holy grail?

    By the way, I would take Pizzaz, Pizza man doc or cafe blue anyday over subway. Bajans tend to like things with a lot of flavor, which means a lot of sauces and stuff like that, Subway tends to be quite bland if you ask me.

  15. I am not very happy about your review. I enjoyed my visit so it’s pretty disturbing for me.

  16. The stinging eyes I understand and feel you, it’s true and very regrettable. Bajans have high expectations but hardly ever go public like you do, they’re usually more fearful.

  17. Sir was it not Fat Andys that was located in the now Digicel outlet Of course the lines would be long look how many Cheffettes them already and everybody gettin on like de one in black rock is de first one well about the onions i guess they had no choice and the flies they did keep sayin keep the door close because the flies will come but no noe really listened cause everyone wanted 2 b inside not out about the meatballs i was close 2 someone that wanted extra sauce and the lady said it already mixed in the sauce she see if she could get somemore but i think it had enough sauce to much would make the sandwich soggy and they do tell u about all extra u have 2 pay 4 I know alot of ppl that went in the first week no one said anything about runnin out of sauces like mustard just that didn’t have the Honey mustard as yet as for the cookies i love them each time i go i have them I know this is ur job but i think u r bein a bit judgemental I hope they make it

  18. I totally respect everyones opinion about subway but lets get down to reality!

    From what I’m hearing, Subway had a soft opening, no advertising! Usually with this type opening, it gives them a chance to work out the kinks and better prepare for the Grand Opening…………….with this said, they ran out of some condiment’s etc., give them a chance before bashing. I’ve actually gone to places in Barbados who’ve been around for years and told certain things not on the menu because the didn’t expect a busy night. I didn’t get upset, just said…I understand and moved on to the next item of choice.

    Subway has one of the best reputaions in the US for healthy food. Now my question is this……..I hear some said it was salty, meats I assume. Are these meats being imported from the US or local? Are there special additives for shipping reasons………….if so, this could truely change the taste. Being that I’m from the US, I can honestly say I miss deli style meats, can’t buy them here in Barbados unless they are proccessed.

    I wish Subway the best of luck, I hope that the Barbadian people will give them a chance

    As for the flies…………..everytime I cook a meal, they come in numbers..

  19. KFC is very guilty of running out and you know what? I banned them & Chefette for a year… Now Big John’s is on my radar but that’s cause the owner’s wife dissed me in my own place, unacceptable! If you are running an establishment, OVERSTOCK! No excuses… When I walk in I expect Michaelangelo’s “David” to be ugly next to function of establishment. If you allow for slacking then it can lead to other problems. Like flies, that’s salmonella, do not tolerate it in my house – I use BOP, ok? So what other apologies do you offer on behalf of the franchise owner?

  20. Went to subway today, no flies and numerous people in line ordering food. Only heard good things. I always say, it the line is long, things are pretty good. Spoke to some of the fellow patrons, they are all business people in the area and said it was refreshing to have such a good choice in food, no complaint.

  21. Author whose fact-checker was on the day off Barbados is not the only place in the world with the distinction of a failed MacDonalds, there are at least five countries with that so-called claim to fame, your Caribbean neighbour Trinidad included.

    Also while I read your article with an open mind, from the first word you came off as biased. Maybe you did have a bad experience at Subway that day, but as any non-ignorant and educated food critic knows writing off a restaurant as bad because of an isolated experience is unprofessional. However, you are probably not a food critic and since you are a writer for a blog we can hardly expect any more from you now can we?

  22. Ooh, so only approved Food Critics can offer opinions, no voice for Man On The Street, understood – Not!! This is not a treatise where every “eye” or “tee” is cross-referenced, this is slapped together “Global Report” style… Tell me, are the Eliases so worried about this Review they have to keep sending these “rallies” for Subway? Rather than defend the place make sure the quality is good… I went for a second chance and ordered a Subway Melt, no Honey Oat bread and got Whole Wheat instead (again, be well stocked) and the Sub was cold, um, this is a MELT?? I felt like doing a second review but you know what? I decide let me get cheaper & better subs from Big B… As for the MacDonald’s failure? Thanks for emphasising my point! You didn’t realise it, but YOU were my fact checker and as a prize I hand you a plunger to pull your self from whosoever your butt kissing – lucky your feet stopped you from being so deeply embedded. The fact that Mickey-D did not do well, shows a strong possibility that the Bajan version of Jared’s favorite meal may also go the way of the Edsel & dodo, as well as all the other Caribbean McD’s.

  23. Give subway a chance! finally chefette has a competitor besides KFC. Yes they may run short of food, but that is only because its freshly made daily. not easy to keep up a full quota or overstock if things are busy. there will always be a limit to storage. Not sure why its son expensive though, I have had subway in the US and in UK and Here its almost triple! as for mcdonalds, if I remember, one of the main reasons they failed was because their imports were blocked in the customs repeatedly. fingers were always pointed at chefette but ya never know…

  24. Place sounds like a ripoff, and despite the high cost of vegtables on the island, I refuse to pay US$13 for a sub and then more for jalapenos. What a joke. I don’t even have to try it to know that it won’t be close to US standards and double the price.

  25. Subway in Barbados truly is substandard and a waste of money. In fact, I’m almost positive that shredding you money would give you better value than purchasing the food there.

  26. The management of Subway would do well to follow blog’s such as these, and find ways and means of getting customer feedback as we know the bajan way is to not say anything in store but to cuss the establishment behind their backs.
    So maybe they should turn around, see what people are saying and hopefully make the necessary changes.
    And yes they are new (at the time of initial posting of the above article), give them a chance to work out the kinks. Including the obvious kinks in the pricing that apparently have Subs costing so much money. If a footlong in the US is $5, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that it should be about $10 maybe $15 here. Way too high prices from what I can see. Super Centre does a great job and ppl would be comparing the two.

    I do hope they survive, but with the Sultan next door, with quality food and cheaper prices, they may get a run. I think they rushed the ‘soft launch’ and may have to end up doing double work to repair and build a reputation at the same time.

    As for comparison to McDonald’s; let us hope they survive. For failure means jobs on the line, in an already unstable economy.

  27. Thanks for your honesty. It in fact was a amusing account of what happened with you, I look forward to more restaurant critiques from you! By the way, did the second branch ever open?



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