Ruling DLP’s Housing Minister Michael Lashley holds hot lashes from former Chair of National Housing, Marilyn Rice-Bowen: Dems Stalwart feels slighted in decision making & sees need for more transparency in hiring contractors!

It is said a sign of true leadership is what happens when the mainstay of a given movement is removed from the functionality and the process is allowed to continue unabated… It is a testimony to the near legendary Alexander the Great that although dying without official heirs to his throne, nevertheless organised an empire which ran for generations after his early departure.

Former Chair of the National Housing Corporation of Barbados: Marilyn Rice-Bowen

Former Chair of the National Housing Corporation of Barbados: Marilyn Rice-Bowen

A similar view is held for the Turkish domain of the Ottoman Empire which encroached on the very borders of Europe itself, while the caliph who inspired the conquering of so many territories also spent but a short while at the helm of that mighty dynasty – nevertheless, his successive sultans ruled with impunity and no fear of rebellion for decades.

Here in the Caribbean, however – The Hon. David J. H. Thompson, Prime Minister of Barbados, has been on sick leave for a brief period and already the signs of his brief stewarding of Barbados are evaporating and leaving his Cabinet to unravel in public – as a crack in the Housing Ministry is further deepened with the clearing of air commentary from ex-Chair of the National Housing Corporation, Marilyn Rice-Bowen.

Ms Rice-Bowen was recently relieved of her duties in this capacity by Housing Minister Lashley with many Bajans wondering what created such a rift within the DLP administration, which was already under strain with its leader seeking medical treatment.

Not only is the full commentary of Ms rice-Bowen a slap at the administration of one of the main planks of the Barbadian Cabinet, the Ministry of Housing, it is also testimony to a growing need for Integrity, Transparency & Accountability which the Thompson regime had originally pledged to Bajans when seeking their vote close to three years ago, and once established? Soon forgotten…

It also indicates a possibility that Minister Lashley appears to be disregarding the wishes of PM Thompson and placing his own concerns above the DLP’s – however, since he is yet to make a comment on the matter himself we can only offer this idea as a suggestion and not as a given.

In addition to the video, included are PDF’s of the statement as transcription service for readers of The Bajan Reporter

This is Part 1 of Marilyn Rice-Bowen’s clearing up why she was terminated as Chair of the NHC despite being handpicked by the Prime Minister

Here’s the conclusion to Marilyn Rice-Bowen’s testimony, which is signed by the ex-NHC Chair herself

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  1. Excellent reporting in bringing us the full clip and the implications of Minister Lashley’s alleged actions and Ms. Rice-Bowen’s response.

  2. Yhis whole episode looks very badly in light that the Prime Minister is out on sick leave. I am of the opinion that this matter should have been discussed at the Executive Level and not in the press. As one not armed fully with all the facts, I hope that this matter will be amicably resolved.


    It would seem that the Sharon Primary School is under repair. In this regard – the St. Thomas Branch Meeting will in fact be held at the Lester Vaughn Secondary School this evening – just up the road from Sharon Primary.

    Please note that Opposition Leader Mia Mottley – will therefore speak at 6:00 p.m., this evening at Lester Vaughn Secondary, Jackson, St. Thomas.

    Please spread the word.

  4. The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; and the realist adjusts the sails. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

  5. Truly fantastic sport, genuine research, but you still leave out a lot from your story, I feel it needed to be known in order to give real picture. What Lashley say?



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