In the shadow of Bussa – Barbados’ Opposition continue to push for removal of Housing Minister over Coverley contract

Bussa-008The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, Barbados’ Opposition Leader continues her case for Michael Lashley to resign as Minister of Housing, she lists further details of the deal struck between NHC & Jada Construction in a devastating slide presentation; Ex-PM Owen Arthur looks at the Pierhead hotel fiasco as orchestrated by D’Arcy Boyce where excessive spending raises more questions than solves issues.

Bussa-026Meanwhile, former Upper Chamber member Kerrie Symmonds lambastes the DLP’s Lashley for brokering a contract with Jada that “rapes” Barbados, yet with Symmonds including race or size  in his foaming invective, makes some wonder is it conducive to the plight of fair comment?

Bussa-003Co-Chair of the night’s session Santia Bradshaw says she gets more calls from unemployed Bajans each day… Plus a Reminder of a Panel Discussion at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 8th Sept 2010 at Mangrove Labour College with Clyde Mascoll, Lindsay Holder & Dr Avinash Persaud about “Surviving a Global RecessionMistakes Made & Lessons Learnt: The Way Forward“.

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  1. Good quality video! Good job!


    Former PM Owen Arthur made the following comments recently at a BLP Haggatt Hall meeting;

    “At a time when the Government of Barbados doesn’t have any money, when the businesses of this country are struggling, when there is no sectors going on, is prepared to dip into you the taxpayers pockets and find 48.0 million dollars to allow for a re-design of the marina that has already been designed.

    And the company , (and you are going to hear about this shortly) the company was written by the BTII chairman, indicating that they were the substantial bidder and the most responsive bidder, putting in the best contract. In fairness to the chairman (BTII), a Mr. Thorne, he resigned over the incident and one of Barrow’s friends sons, a Bernstein, a loyal DEM, he has been so disgusted by the madness that he has resigned too from the BTII. Because he cannot understand why 48.0 million dollars must be taken up to give to this company in which Bannister has an interest, to redesign a marina that has already been redesigned, madness.”

    For anyone interested to to the link above and listen the former Prime Minister talk about the wanton and scandalous abuse of power and utter corruption by this administration.

    Barbados Shipping and Trading and its Managing Director is in the front page of todays Business Authority calling for Government to address the issue. Mr. King claims not to know what the situation is with the Pierhead marina, is that true?

    I assume the Bannister referred to by former PM Arthur is the same fellow associated with the VECO Dodds Prison deal, is it? If it is, why would this administration want to give him or his company 48.0 million dollars to redesign a marina the taxpayers have already paid 12.0 million dollars to have designed in the first place? Certainly these are questions easily answers by Senator Darcy Boyce who not only has responsibility for BTII but was also the CEO of BTII prior to January 15 2008.

    Four loyal DEMS resigned from the board of the BTI over the incident. The chairman, the deputy chairman and two directors. Is it because they point blank refused to sign a MOU with Bannister for 48.0 million dollars? This needs investigating.

    I waiting on Owen to feed us more so we can see who is caught up in this mess.


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