“Gangs Of Barbados” Clerical Co-Author praises member of Barbados Judiciary for honesty: Pastor Roger Husbands plans to publish detailed book before 2010 is over, looking for sponsors

I wish to thank wholeheartedly the self-sacrifice of Magistrate Faith Marshall-Harris in her eloquent deliberation of her finds in a survey conducted with 274 juvenile offenders. The information Magistrate Harris would have given in regards to gangs in her survey is very accurate and compendious.

These are two of the gangs which Roger Husbands says pervades Barbados

These are two of the gangs which Roger Husbands says pervades Barbados

It is about time that the public of Barbados recognize the seriousness of this issue. Gangs are primarily used to filter drugs for drug lords and these individuals who are adults tend to use the most vulnerable groups in this nation and that is our youth. It is very sad that these persons who to my mind are murders who use the very essence of this nation the future generation to execute their crimes.

In my research over the past few years, trends that are very much common among gangs are:

1. Major of the gangs are operated by person over 25 years old, except for one in Christ Church which is currently headed by a 17 year old boy.

2. Gangs are avenues for drug lords to market their drugs and also supply monies to members of the gangs to sell these illegal substances to earn extra income.

3. Three known gangs in the nation are operated by deportees: Bloodz, Cripz and Outlawz. My findings also indicate that some deportees entering our nation do not come back poor and impoverished but return back with money and contacts for drugs, some after being sent back return with the sole purpose of continuing their trade of drugs and violence in the community at which they are returning back too. (remember this is all they know)

4. Majority of gang leaders and members are uneducated and carry no qualification to attain an honest job. They learn their street smarts from the ghetto and from music sang by drug lords or gang members themselves. Please don’t fool yourself that some of our known dub and reggae artistes are not dabbling in this type of sub-culture.

5. There is a common trend for persons to branch out into their own gangs after learning the trade from the previous membership.

6. An OG (Original Gangster) is given a gun (weapon) based on their level within the gang. In DECS research amongst 20 young people ranging from 11 – 19, 16 of this individual receive their first gun at 13 years old being the average age. Some of these young people would tell you that they used this to threaten other young people who want to inform on them or used to bully their peers or younger persons into given them money and anything they need.

7. Majority of Barbados’ murders, wounding charges and drug possession are gang related. If other Magistrates would conduct the same research as Magistrate Faith Marshall-Harris you would find that it is very similar to her findings.

Our young people have to understand that drug lords and those involve in this type of sub-culture don’t care anything whatsoever about them it is all about MONEY and not about the attention, acceptance and love these young people seek.

I will be launching a publication about gangs in Barbados in the month of October 2010, which would be a manual used to help parents, teachers, socialist, activist, etc to understand more about gangs, their symbols, signs of gang involvement, names of all the gangs in Barbados, a map which pinpoints the areas of gang activity and research findings from 100 young people involved in gangs, as well as testimonies.

I say to those higher echelons: you have received what you wanted from me and that was research findings, now do you believe we have gangs? For those Government Ministers who criticized and admittedly indicated that they would not support any information that gangs are in Barbados would you now believe? To those priests who wish to cover the misbehavior of gangs in this nation and justify they behavior, do you now believe? To those principals who made it known that gangs are not in schools, do you now believe? If so, come on board with us and help us to stamp out this terror which if not address can be very harmful to our nation.

In closing I wish to ask corporate Barbados to support the efforts of this organization and other organization in the fight against these types of menace and sub-culture which have entered our shores.

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