BARBADIAN MOTORISTS BE AWARE! Attempted Robbery by Hinds Hill, UWI – Lock Windows & Doors!

I got this e-mail and as usual, I make it my business to alert folks about the potential hazard (names have been changed but not locales nor body of story all true);-

Ed” and I had this experience last night, Sunday 15th …. be careful on the roads!

We were on our way home around 9:30 p.m. We turned left at the top of University Drive and just past the area known as Hinds Hill there were 3 guys, probably in their 20s, standing in the middle of the road, looking quite calm as though they were just having an idle chat. No sign of any dispute or animosity.

We had to slow down as we approached them, as they were taking their time to move out of our way. Two moved to the right and the other guy suddenly got very agitated, stepped in front of our car and started banging on the bonnet and yelling “Help Me, Help Me! I’m from London… “

Fortunately the other two had moved aside enough that Brian could swerve over to the righthand side of the road to avoid hitting the one ahead of us, by which time he was all over my side of the car, collapsed the wing mirror and was banging on my window (which was partly down) and still yelling “Help Me, Help Me“.

Imagine travelling alone here at night? IMAGE COURTESY: Lilandra/Flickr

Imagine travelling alone here at night? IMAGE COURTESY: Lilandra/Flickr

The guys were obviously up to no good and, we think, targeted us randomly when the road was quiet. It was not late, it was not a deserted road and if the other two guys had decided to block our car, not many drivers could consciously run over them, so in quick time they could have been inside the car.

We were very fortunate and able to avoid what could have been an ugly and unpleasant situation! We reported the incident to the Police Hotline when we got home. So keep your car doors locked and windows up. These are different times!

{Bajan Reporter – I am warning now, after having read several such items and direct experience from various Bajans? I WILL run over them bumboklaat w/o hesitation!}

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