Bajan Reporter under fire for daring to critique Education Minister of Barbados’ current DLP Cabinet – Web Magazine in responding to claims cites diversion and lack of vision

First my thanks to Barbados Free Press in highlighting my item on Ronald Jones, it has exposed him for what he does not do. However, many detractors wish to defend Jones, I wonder who they can be? Well, let’s look at those claims… I do accept that I am yet to attend a Wadadah fete myself, yet I have seen many Facebook friends who proudly sport their Back To School fete pics, and in my story I got permission from 2 of them to use their photos.



Ordinarily I do not like to acknowledge BU, yet I found it strange they decide to carry an article on the same topic after mine and not only concur that so far no untoward incidents have unfolded at these parties, but also show no less than the Principal of UWI in school attire!

I maintain this decry against Wadadah is merely smoke & mirrors to avoid more serious issues like Security at Educational Facilities, which the same Minister pledged to address since 2009 and by this year has not brought into check properly – with tragic results at Parkinson Memorial. Likewise, the defenders of Mr Jones, whether approving of him personally or not, also appear to have their own agenda inĀ attemptingĀ to discredit my original item in question.

Alternatively – If Mr Jones wishes to have a constructive display of how he handles his portfolio, then why does he not take steps to ensure that all levels of education in Barbados start learning Portuguese now we have GOL flights from Brazil?

A tax incentive can also be offered for Tourism ancillary staff from janitors to Management if they seek to retroactively learn French or Spanish so as to start building a second market from the ABC Islands or Guadeloupe and Martinique. Perhaps armed with the other Latin variants we can successfully compete with Saba or St Bart’s?

This is effective leadership, and not the current application of straining at a sandfly and swallowing a salmontot retriever as a diversionary tactic.

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  1. Interesting that you made a whole post because of my comment.

    Once again, the security issue at schools is more than the minister’s fault. Blame should be placed on all involved from the teachers to the principal and even the parents of the criminals.

    That said, are you really trying to convince people that these mature persons in their school uniforms (who clearly went for nostalgia) were the only ones there??? You didn’t see the thousands of young people then. You also did not see how they behaved. I can enjoy a good fete and am known to get on “bad” but in a school uniform is gross disrespect!! I suppose the next step is to go in your official work clothes! Who cares if we disrespect the organizations, right?

    I’m almost sure I’ve seen you at the fetes this weekend and you would’ve been blind to not see how the school uniforms (even from HC, QC and Combermere) were defiled and disgraced as the “students” got on “bad” and “went down”.

    There is a lack of discipline in this society. I understand your concern that the minister is not giving us as much as you would like him to give but is also trying to take away something from us. However, do you really believe that it is fitting and respectful to the school institution to be wukking up all on trucks, on the ground, on the walls in your school uniform?

  2. I think Jones deserves a medal for exposing wayward adults. I hope when your children dishonour their uniforms you are as forgiving.


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