“Lashley’s Governance Called into Question” BY DALE MARSHALL Q.C. & M.P. – DEPUTY LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION, Barbados Labour Party

Please take note that the below Statement was released to the Press late this evening in response to the Media Conference held earlier today by the former Chairman of the NHC

{DALE MARSHALL Q.C. & M.P. - DEPUTY LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION} Please take note this Statement was released late this evening in response to the Media Conference held earlier today by the former Chairman of the NHC

As a consequence of the charges made by former Chairman of the National Housing Corporation, Marilyn Rice-Bowen that Minister Michael Lashley continues to bypass the Board on a number of NHC projects in contravention of the established rules and protocols, the Barbados Labour Party is calling on the Acting Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart to explain to the country why the Cabinet chose to revoke Mrs. Rice-Bowen’s appointment rather than hold Minister of Housing, Michael Lashley accountable for his conduct.

Mrs. Rice-Bowen made it clear that in spite of all efforts to correct this impossible situation the Minister continued with his behaviour. The most recent example of which she gave was at Forde’s Road Clapham.

As a former chairman of the NHC and a former Attorney General, I can confirm that her understanding of the required standards of governance of the Corporation is absolutely correct.

She also confirmed what the Barbados Labour Party has been saying for some time that the Minister is failing to respond to the urgent needs of small contractors. Minister Lashley’s record is one of consolidating wealth in the construction industry in the hands of one or two large companies.

Barbadians will know that two of the largest NHC projects, Coverley and Country Road are being done by the same group of companies.

Barbadians must also be appalled that there is no contract in place for the housing project at Constant between the contractors CLICO and the NHC. What is so special about CLICO that the former Chairman of the Board could not get them to sign a contract to protect the interests of the NHC?

In spite of all the controversy surrounding the affairs of CLICO the Government has failed to protect, not only the policy holders, but now the tax payers. This further confirms what the whole of Barbados already suspects – it seems the DLP Government is in bed with CLICO.

Mrs. Rice-Bowen, as a long-standing member and former candidate of the DLP must be commended for her courage and public spiritedness in holding fast to her principles and standing up for what is legally and morally right. Unfortunately her colleagues have chosen yet again to make her the sacrificial lamb.

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  1. My Fellow Barbadian,

    You will recall that David Thompson said in the full glare of national television that DLP candidates had signed on to ‘A Code of Conduct’. Later at their first-year meeting at Holder’s Hill, St. James – Mr. Thompson told Barbadians that DLP Ministers, Candidates and Parliamentarians are: “Squeaky Clean.”
    Up steps Freundel Stuart and a few weeks ago – as Acting Prime Minister – Freundel Stuart said that the reason Michael Lashley was not appointed Attorney General, was because it was felt that he was doing a good job a Housing Minister. Alarm bells should have gone off when even die-hard Dems, who heard that allegation – shook their heads in disagreement.

    Then the Sunday Sun of August 1, 2010 reported that Chairman of the NHC, Marilyn Rice-Bowen was sack with immediate effect, over disagreement between the Minister and the Board, pertaining to the award of housing contracts.

    For sure, any Attorney General of Barbados must operate within the four corners of the law. Surely now, with their blue-eyed boy in hot water – Mr. Stuart must and will break his silence. Good governance, freeedom of information and being accountable to the people – demands it.

    So–again the country waits for leadership and for Acting Prime Minister Stuart to speak!!! Meanwhile we must hold the DLP accountable!

  2. As a young bajan, I think it’s time I vote. Thank you

  3. That’s really interesting, considering that Minister Lashley did so much for his community. Are you sure you have all the facts? With Bajans there are at least a hundred thoughts and a hundred opinions.

  4. There’s a bounty of articles in this hot topic! But Bjerkhamn still needs to come clean on his son as well as these apartments.

  5. Great coverage. I like the way you have audio, video and documents. CBC’s loss.

  6. You know of Marilyn’s son the calypsonian? It appears he was making a profit by insuring units.

  7. I read a strange article in pudding n souse about a board chairman. It seemed to suggest that he/she was preparing to complain to PM DT about the activities of a certain minister. Said minister was bypassing the Board and awarding contracts in exchange for a small (READ FAIRLY LARGE) campaign contribution. Rumour was that minister would repay with a swift firing.

    Next thing yuh know Marilyn got fired. Then a ‘leak’ proved that her son’s firm was awarded a contract as brokers. Surely that is not why she got fired? That was a year and a half ago? What about those dodgy contract deals? When will the minister speak?


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