UK Mixed Martial Artist is a Muay Thai champ & trainer: His parents hail from Barbados

Phil took up Mauy Thai to help rehabilitate a soccer injury - IMAGE COURTESY: FoxSports' YardBarker

Phil took up Mauy Thai to help rehabilitate a soccer injury - IMAGE COURTESY: FoxSports' YardBarker

Barbados Free Press has a story about a Bajan in a rodeo, but the dorky site they sourced from Minnesota won’t give you details unless you BUY a subscription – HuffPo showed the error of those ways recently… So I was hoping to circumvent the roadblock by finding another site which had more data for FREE.

Instead, what I learned according to FoxSports’ YardBarker is all about Phil Nurse, a Brit Mixed Martial Artist (MMA), whose parents are originally  from Barbados;-

To date Phil has amassed a 32-3-0 record with 15 of the wins coming way of KO. Nurse retired having never lost his 3 title belts; European Light Welterweight, Double British and British all styles Super Light Welterweight Championships. He also successfully defended his European Light Welterweight and his British Super Light Welterweight titles two times.

He does not simply believe in hoarding knowledge and let it die there, the Bajan-descended MMA who’s creeping up on 50 paces himself with a routine that seems brutal for many – but this makes him a better instructor with a successful practice in the USA;-

As Phil’s career developed, so did his teaching skills and his mentor Master Sken awarded Phil with the title of teacher orKru”. With Master Sken’s blessing Phil opened up his first school in the UK. Years later while on vacation in New York city Phil attempted to find a gym to practice his art and was amazed to find that there wasn’t one. Phil had to decided to work out at Gleason’s Boxing Gym in Brooklyn and started drawing a lot of attention for this new style of boxing. After many requests for training and numerous trips back and forth to the states, set events in motion.

Upon Master Sken’s blessing, Phil opened his first gym in 1995. After rapid growth Nurse now operates a 5000 square foot facility in New York city’s China town called the Wator temple. Due to Nurse’s experience he combines traditional Mauy Thai with Western boxing footwork.

Phil’s work outs have become legendary with a 40 minute skip rope session in your bare feet on hardwood floors. Then 100 slow push-ups on your knuckles and then informs the class that everyone will have to start over if anyone gives up. Since Nurse leads the class he never asks his students to do something he is not prepared to do himself and at 46 it’s hard to use age as an excuse.

With Phil’s career as a teacher and fighter for the last 27 years has earned him the respect of multiple Muay Thai champions and MMA fighters. Hollywood’s A list have been seen leaving the Wat to help stay fit.

Nurse is highly recommended by noted MMA prize-fighter Georges St Pierre. Well, it’s no surprise in trying to find one Bajan I discovered another, I tried to find one who deals with creatures that kick while the other Bajan I found kicks so hard you swear it was a creature!

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  1. Nice article. In my opinion one of the best forms of martial arts is Brazilian Jujitsu and one of the best teachers is Marcus Soares who has a Vancouver jujitsu club and is considered one of the best instructors in he world. He is a direct student of Carlson Gracie and is the highest ranking BJJ black belt under Carlson with 7 degrees. I think BJJ and grappling is the best for mixed martial arts.

  2. Fantastic article find. Great for Barbados. Was there a contact for Phil? Will love to have an exchange with local MMA and Phil’s guys and possible workshop. Phil can give back to his locals as well as we will like to follow his career more closely.

  3. To be more accurate kru Phil Nurse is a Muay Thai Champion who trains MMA fighters many of whom are or were champions (Rashad Evans, Frankie Edgar, Georges St. Pierre and Jon “Bones’ Jones to name a few” . Kru Phil regularly comes to Barbados to conduct workshops and seminars as well as to have his fighters participate in tournaments sanctioned by the national association for full contact martial sports, the National Kickboxing League of Barbados. You can see his fighters in action at this year’s Battle in Paradise 6 being held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on May 10th, 2014. You can also benefit from training with him at this year Muay Thai in Paradise Seminar featuring Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute from May 9-11. For more details visit the National Kickboxing League of Barbados’ Facebook page or contact president, Wayne Quintyne at 265-9691.


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