True Blood Synopsis – Season 3, Episodes 1 to 4 {Beware – SPOILERS}

People who are new to True Blood the Series and have also read Charlaine Harris’ “Southern Vampire” series will realise these are two vastly different entities yet crafted in the same universe, each is a ‘What If?’ of the other, once you are aware of the twists in the tale (leave the shapeshifters alone), then you are better able to sink your teeth into it.

In this third season of “True Blood” it examines the dynamics of Eric & Sookie without Bill. IMAGE COURTESY: Eric Northman's Facebook page

In this third season of “True Blood” it examines the dynamics of Eric & Sookie without Bill. IMAGE COURTESY: Eric Northman's Facebook page

The ex-Civil War veteran has been abducted by Russell Edgington – the King of Mississippi, a a 3,000 year old gay vampire (Played by Ed O’Hare) who has werewolves as his servants.

Bill tries to escape from the Weres who are draining him before they even reach the King of Mississippi, he makes them crash their car and he goes to ground until another day passes when he finds an old lady who lives alone and he uses a portion of her blood to revitalise himself after being drained.

The King actually appears on horseback when the Weres and Bill were about to have a showdown in a forest, Edgington is enraged on learning that Bill was Drained and kills one of the pack but leaves packmaster Cooter to live as an example to others.

One of Edgington’s cohorts turns out to be Bill’s maker, Lorena, who despite Bill’s attack in #3/Eps. 2 is still very much in love with Bill in a very dark and sado-masochistic manner.

Stephen Moyer as Bill has to stay away from sunlight in real life for his reel life role

Stephen Moyer as Bill has to stay away from sunlight in real life for his reel life role

Meanwhile, Sookie is going out of her mind with grief – in Season 2?s cliffhanger, she was about to agree to marry Bill when he disappeared. Sookie tries to use official channels to locate Bill. But none of Sheriff Dearborn’s team are willing to assist in locating Bill Compton, as far as they’re concerned whether he’s dead or abandoned Sookie – it’s to everyone’s benefit. Desperate, she heads for Fangtasia in Shreveport.

Pam makes a half-hearted attempt in stopping Sookie from discovering Eric sampling his staff’s goods in the basement. Unabashed at being caught in flagrante delicto, Eric struts, in all his bare Scandinavian glory, right up to the Southern belle who believes the 1,000 year old Viking had a hand in Bill’s disappearance which he flatly denies.

In the course of their chat, Sookie then suspects Lorena as responsible for the missing Mr Compton, which Eric believes is more plausible. He pledges as Sheriff of Area 5 to start an inquiry. This even as the Magister (who made Bill create Jessica as punishment for staking Fangtasia’s bartender Chow, when he tried to kill Sookie for revealing Chow embezzled from Eric back in Season 1) is now trying to locate who is the vampire draining themselves to sell ‘V’…

Tara is still grieving over the loss of “Eggs” (who was actually shot by mistake at the hand of Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s brother – he thoughtEggswas about to stab detective Andy Bellefleur) and in an attempted suicide is rescued by Lafayette, who on condition for not carrying Tara to hospital, then introduces Tara to his mother (played to startling effect by Alfre Woodard). It is a form of shock therapy he hopes will stop Tara from seeking further self-destruction.

Lafayette has his own troubles, Pam – now aware of the Magister’s plot to uncover the sale of “V” – is pressuring Merlotte’s short order cook to sell of the remaining vials at half price by the end of the day. When Lafayette is back home, he finds Eric waiting with a new car as a n incentive for Lafayette to push the balance of the drug which is forbidden to both humans and vampires.

Stephen "Bill" Moyer & Anna "Sookie" Paquin are real-life lovers off screen as well, through the HBO series

Stephen "Bill" Moyer & Anna "Sookie" Paquin are real-life lovers off screen as well, through the HBO series

Back in Mississippi, Bill is having nightmares and recalling when he first became undead and how it nearly tore apart what was left of his family. In wishing to protect Sookie, he decides to renounce his allegiance to the Queen of Louisiana and swear fealty to Edgington. When Lorena (now recovered from Bill’s initial pyrotechnic attack on seeing her again) decides to gloat at Bill, it unleashes a chain of events where he seemingly tries to rape and kill her – instead she revels in the pain of having her head twisted as bill ravishes her vagina without even pulling aside his clothes or hers. This event gives Lorena intense pleasure!

Meanwhile, Jason Stackhouse is an alcoholic wreck over the accidental killing which Bellefleur manages to cover up, he orders Jason to keep womanising (“Conscience Off, Dick On & everything’s gonna be all right! The detective bellows at Sookie’s brother) so people do not suspect anything amiss… Jason tries to start a threesome with two New York college students but he keeps seeing gunshot wounds in their foreheads, which eventually deflates the whole evening.

Jason has another accident with Andy Bellefleur but one of a better nature – he assists in nabbing a suspect trying to run from the scene of a crime. However, it creates unforeseen ripples – Jason now wants to be a cop, and despite his friend Hoyt showing Jason needs to study and be more literate, Sookie’s brother decides to blackmail Andy with the “Eggs” incident, he’s bullying Andy to make him a deputy as Sheriff Dearborn retired due to the flurry of recent deaths in Bon Temps.

Hoyt’s girlfriend, baby vamp Jessica, has her own issues, she got greedy when hunting and killed a human by mistake and he was to far to change – she is still mainly ignorant of vampire ways especially as bill is not around to guide her. She seeks Pam’s advice and decides to rent a chainsaw to help dispose of the corpse, and when she goes down in the cellar, nothing’s there?

It seems a mysterious vampire called Franklin Mott (Sounds similar to Mort, French for Death) found Jessica’s mistake and uses it as leverage to learn from the baby vamp what he needed to learn about Bill from Jessica. Mort meanwhile has developed a psychotic fetish for Tara after having sex with her when he helped Tara beat rednecks who sought to desecrate “Eggs”‘ memory one night outside of Merlotte’s. He follows Tara home and glamors, or mesmerises, her into letting him in and he tries to locate Sookie.

Merlotte’s favorite waitress is now with a Were who owes Eric certain favors – this is Alcide Herveaux – who carries Sookie to the local Were bar to try and see if anyone has thoughts or memories of Bill’s whereabouts. It appears Cooter took Alcide’s former girlfriend Debbie Pelt and most of the Weres are in Russell Edgington’s thrall, and part of secret cult going for ages from Were generation to generation.

When Godric (Eric’s maker) was alive, he and Eric were trying to track down a mysterious movement called Proyekt Werwolf. Eric even slipped in to a memory of when he and his maker pretended to be Nazis in World War II to find a Were trying to fool Allied Forces. In the present day, the Magister raids Fangtasia and discovers ‘V’ and is ready to torture Pam, but she fingers Bill Compton as the one who stored ‘V’ at the vampire club, Eric vows to hunt the Southerner down (Which, if handled correctly, could then clear the way for himself and Sookie).

This as Bill seeks to officially break ties with Sookie degrading the memory of their relationship in the hopes Sookie will stay away. In order to prove himself worthy to Edgington, he’s sent to strip club to locate a ripe victim for Lorena, Russell and eventually Bill himself to feast on…

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