Royale Mess? NCF contradicts itself as TC looks for no Blood to be spilled in Barbados’ Crop Over Controversy

If one believes the National Cultural Foundation, then Soca Royale at Bushy Park had security deployed only because Governmental VIP’s were there?

Security personnel were positioned strategically to guarantee the safety of patrons, officials and performers. The NCF employed various levels of security for this event. These included the Royal Barbados Police Force (uniformed and plain clothed officers) members of the Barbados Defence Force and private security personnel.”

Chums to the end, Anderson Armstrong did his best to avoid BLOODshed at Bushy Park

Chums to the end, Anderson Armstrong did his best to avoid BLOODshed at Bushy Park - TC, I am sure, is grateful

Nothing to do with the ugly crowd scene right? The attempted damage control also put itself in a deep logic loop, it’s a wonder West Terrace did not implode with the contradiction;-

As a precaution, following the announcement of the results of the Sweet Soca competition, the NCF Chief Security officer deployed additional security personnel in the audience and the stage area.”

So wait, you had guards for dignitaries or because Bajans got vex at the results of the contest? Something had to happen, because in the Barbados branch of Facebook, one person took a picture of the event, and here is what the topic posed;-

Here is a pic of an energetic performer at yesterday’s Soca Royale at Bushy Park trying to woo the crowd after an unprecedented level of BOO’s never before heard in such a magnitude at any other calypso contest. Local soca atist TC was apparently theQueen for the judgesand the Villain for the crowdson that historic day. She is the SOCA QUEEN of the Bushy Park event.

The drama was described as the Days of our Livesof soca events but in the end one prevailed amidst reports of vicious arguments and attacks being shot from artist to artist behind the scenes after the judges made their pick. How would you describe it?”

All hail the Queen?



This query generated over 240 comments during all Monday and into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, there were some trains of thought who felt the expression of demanding accountability in a musical democracy was ugly and should only write letters while others said Bajans had enough and demanded better and they used what means were immediately available and this was better than the two occasions when bottles were thrown at Kensington Oval in ’79 and ’98.

Perhaps the following quote from the Facebook debate over Sweet Soca Royale summed it up best;-

“ for example you get on a bus, and although you arent paid to drive the bus, you do have a right to comment on how the bus is being driven, ‘cos if he (the driver) don’t drive to suit you {then} u gonna say something or do something even if it is never get back on that bus again – but u will say something at the time you didn’t get driven properly {and the} same applies here, we ain’t judging but we pay to be there so we can say {something} bout the decision while at the showit is our right!!!” Last emphasis mine and not contributor…

Whoever won, they got nearly 90-thousand dollars worth of vehicle...

Whoever won, they got nearly 90-thousand dollars worth of vehicle...

Bearing this in mind and while acknowledging the crowds were thick at the event, nevertheless is it accurate to say despite the demand for accountability and transparency, that the event was a SUCCESS??

“‘The relocation of the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competitions to Bushy Park has been a tremendous success,’ this is the view of the Chairman of the National Cultural Foundation, Mr. Kenneth Knight. Referring to feedback from persons who attended yesterday’s production, he related that the majority endorsed the venue as most ideal, providing space for the audience to move freely or be sheltered under the numerous tents which were pitched at the racing circuit.

The National Cultural Foundation conducted the entire production without any technical hitches and the event flowed fluidly from the start of the Sweet Soca competition at 1.30 p.m. to the conclusion at 9.15 p.m.”

What planet is he on? Granted there were many folk present, but perhaps this was what fuelled the massive booing as reported on Starcom Network & the Nation (They actually grew some testicles for once). Can you really say an event is successful when you had to make a show of force to hem in a crowd’s reaction to an unpopular decision? Why not acknowledge the flaw in assessment and vow to refine and streamline for the following year?

When one of the contenders objected before she started, and subsequently on hearing the crowd’s response, allegedly feared for her staff and decided not to return and face the public – then this was not a Soca Royale, it was more like a Soca Bastille and it was stormed in both weather and attitude that memorable day.

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