{UPDATED – LIME replies} Pork LIME leaves bitter taste in St Michael, Barbados resident’s ears – Open Letter for ex-Cable & Wireless fete organisers

As you know, over the weekend we got a letter from an irate member of the Upton community over the weekly Crop Over festivity at BET Grounds near the Wildey Gymnasium. Early this morning, There was a response sent to the complainant and copied to this Web Magazine. This is what was said;-

Any sound above 85 dB can cause hearing loss, and the loss is related both to the power of the sound as well as the length of exposure. {File Photo courtesy Pakistani Blogger subsidiary}

Any sound above 85 dB can cause hearing loss, and the loss is related both to the power of the sound as well as the length of exposure. {File Photo courtesy Pakistani Blogger subsidiary}

Thanks for your email, for the past few days I have received a number of calls as it relates to this issue and through this response I wish to be clear as exactly what LIME’s position on this issue is:

  • We empathize with the residents; and have asked the organizers of the event to reduce the volume of the music after 12am – in fact a check shows me that based on complaints received last week, that the speakers we in fact changed to much less powerful ones, I will today request that further adjustments be made so that reasonableness between all parties is achieved.
  • I also note that a few persons are entirely opposed to the pork lime being held at all, and while you have not indicated that this is your position I would also want to indicate that the pork lime on Fridays has become a highlight of the Kadooment calendar as it offers a safe, value- for- money atmosphere for the many thousands of patrons who come to the event, while we understand that we have some way to go in making sure that all stakeholders (residents included) are accommodated, I am sure that you will agree that in these times, that the average Barbadian does need a place to blow off steam – safely.
  • We will continue to work with the holders of the event to achieve the optimum balance for enjoyment for all parties.

Thank you for presenting your concerns, and I will take the requisite action that is needed.

Here is the original statement which led to the quick reply;-

Possible new definition - LESS INTENSE MUSIC EMANATIONS

Possible new definition - LESS INTENSE MUSIC EMANATIONS

I received an e-mail (Saturday) which is an excellent precursor to my final installment on Bob Verdun‘s Tourism Lecture at DLP’s George Street headquarters. Here is a an all too real, and not a perceived or culturally misinterpreted concern, regarding audio levels at the wrong time.

It comes from a resident close to Upton which is not far from a popular Crop Over venue, it was sent to a top official of LIME formerly Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Ltd – the names have been removed so both sides may negotiate amicably and in private, nevertheless perhaps the organisers need to be aware what can seem joy for some is pain to others, this is what was said (Edited & Reprinted with permission);-

Dear ….

I am compelled to add mine to what must be a growing list of complaints coming from Clapham and the surrounding area regarding the volume of the entertainment at Pork Lime; this is so because right now it sounds as though the deejay, resembling Mac Fingall‘s style of presenting, is outside of my bedroom window screaming at the top of his lungs.

With extended exposure, noises that reach a decibel level of 85 can cause permanent damage to the hair cells in the inner ear, leading to hearing loss.

With extended exposure, noises that reach a decibel level of 85 can cause permanent damage to the hair cells in the inner ear, leading to hearing loss.

My wife had our first child just over three months ago and while we are all sleeping much better these days than at the very beginning, Friday nights are a guaranteed exception because of this party. The volume at 5:00 pm when things are getting started is tolerable and if only that were the limit for the night then there would be nothing to complain about. However the progressive increase in volume as it approaches midnight inevitably awakens the baby who we are then unable to comfort back to sleep – I fear that we will all now be up until 3:00 am when the party finally finishes.

It is also distressing knowing that while we have suffered for four Fridays in a row, we are not even halfway through the scheduled run for Pork Lime.

Alex, I implore you to do something to about this. As otherwise good corporate citizens you have a responsibility to your neighbors and should be more considerate. Please give some consideration to my child who right now is lying in his bed, eyes as big as saucers, unhappy and unable to get back to sleep. Please also consider his mother, whose normal maternal and postpartum stresses are being amplified by Friday nights that are more sleepless than when the baby was a newborn.

Please note that I have copied members of the press on this email. If any of them would like an interview or a picture of my baby to run alongside of an article I would be happy to provide. I will try to capture on film exactly how Pork Lime is affecting him – it is not a pretty sight to see a little baby fussing and crying over something so outside of his parents control.

Regards, ….

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  1. I appreciate this letter, I know I’m not alone, I’ve been objecting to this foolery ever since, if other neighbours can come forward then we can have a class suit.

  2. If ya so shattered, maybe U should move, last year U din’t complain when ya had no baby.

  3. Ian– kudos for getting this issue out there, no matter where you live in Barbados I am certain that we all have experienced this blatant disregard for our neighbours and those around us. In my former home on not an 1/2 acre of land I was surrounded by 9 howling, yapping, barking dogs– 5 to the left,. 3 to the rear, and 1 to the side, amplified church proselytizing, drag racing, you name it. I went through many sleepless nights with my young child. It is really too much to bear, I really feel for these people who are now subject to the Pork Lime racket. I checked my current neighborhood before I moved in and you know what it is as quiet as a lamb at night and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. Sleepless, I am in complete agreement with you. Maybe a class action suit would at least set a precedent, though I am sure that Lime would be able to hire more expensive lawyers than we common citizens could ever hope to. Is there an affected lawyer in the neighbourhood?
    At my age the loss of a night’s sleep and the severe stress on my ear drums must predispose me to illness from any number of infectious agents. Any decibel meters anywhere? Maybe we need a doctor to comment on the effects of prolonged exposure to loud noise on our well-being. It is sad that there are some such as pork 4 so who have consideration only for themselves. Party yes, but not to the detriment of others.

  5. Mr Noise hater? “Never be a pioneer. It’s the Early Christian that gets the fattest lion” – Saki (H. H. Munro), short story writer (1870–1916)

  6. I do not live in Clapham or anywhere near to the Pork Lime. However, I am appalled by the insensitive and idiotic comment by “pork 4 so”. This person obviously has no children or family that they care about but that is not an excuse for this insensitivity. I happened to be in HASTINGS, CHRIST CHURCH area with a resident of Clapham during the time of the pork lime and (depending on the wind direction) the music could be heard loud enough to distinguish the song including the words. That is a fact. I can only imagine what my friend from Clapham goes through having to bear the loud noises each Friday night.

  7. Tell me… What did you do when there was no child? A lot of bellyaching for style, as our PM (God speed his recovery) reminded us Barbadians. Buy some ear plugs! Name like Armstrong, I surprised you near Pork Lime, you shouldn’t be out in Warrens Terrace or Graeme Hall with your fellows?



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