Miss Barbados World 2010 – Lots was a-Miss, such as audience support and sponsors, perhaps before or after Kadooment?

Years ago when the late Jahsahreh-H organised Miss Barbados shows, be they Miss World or Miss Universe prelim’s, the things were packed (held at the Globe in the City, even drag queens would show up to do their own judging), there was always controversy – whether Gabby doing a song over the alleged Nationality of one winner in 1985 (or was it some Bajans were vex Liz Wadman was, gasp – shudderWHITE?? Little support flowed for the subsequent pale & petite Lisa Worme either, many wanted the dark & sleek Susan Nourse to win but I met both and Susan had a stuck-up attitude at the time and poor manners, as in checking her lipstick by the reflection off of a butter knife, etc...) or how about when a then Deputy Manager of Barbados Rediffusion dated the contestant who eventually won  in 1988 despite objections from some quarters? At least they got married and seem to be happily ever after?

L to R: Former Miss barbados World Stehanie Chase, Current Title Holder - Danielle Bishop & 2009 Miss Barbados World - Leah Marville

L to R: Former Miss Barbados World Stehanie Chase, Current Title Holder - Danielle Bishop & 2009 Miss Barbados World - Leah Marville

But the point was that Jahsahreh’s shows were not only the night of the contest, there were cocktails where you could meet the contestants and get their autograph and dance with them, you bought tickets, it raised funds (yes, I was a little horny devil back then, hang on, the wife says I still am blushes) but this was also a chance for judges to assess the girls’ social skills by having them interact with the public. Sometimes it was the judges who misbehaved, LOL!

{I met a judge in 1987 at Plumtree Cluster in Rockley – she was Cindy Brakespeare from Jamaica, all I knew back then was Bob Marley had a thing for her and she had a son for him – I could see why… She was flirty, humorous, daring, charming and just oozed charisma and sex appeal, plus her figure made a Coke bottle anorexic – ahem! We danced most of the night away and were even thinking of going to the Warehouse after cocktails at Rockley when self-righteous Maureen Surfleet took it upon herself to blare in a loud voice to all and sundry that Cindy is a married woman and that I should know better. Talk about cold water, both Cindy & I were a bit embarrassed and slunk to separate corners, it’s why I have little to say to the elderly former exercise tv host to this day.}

1st Runner Up, Overall Winner & 2nd Runner Up - Miss Barbados World 2010 at Plantation Garden Theatre

1st Runner Up, Overall Winner & 2nd Runner Up - Miss Barbados World 2010 at Plantation Garden Theatre

I feel the current crop of Miss Barbados World franchises need this sort of events surrounding the event so as to build the hype – even the controversies made Bajans anticipate the next season eagerly. This year, the show at Plantation was sparsely attended – I felt for the organisers…

Vantage point from behind judges, well-meaning but so's the rioad to hell, LOL! At least here's all five in a row...

Vantage point from behind judges, well-meaning but so's the rioad to hell, LOL! At least here's all five in a row...

This meant little, if any, profit from gate receipts. I was surprised when the show appeared in my Facebook Events, that more was not hyped at the social networking site or also at Twitter, promotion whether online or media (radio, tv, dead-tree, etc.) advertising for an event like this has to be overdone. Which means sponsors were not tumbling over themselves to be associated with the event, this in itself was not surprising for Crop Over…

It suggests the franchise needs to revise their timing, either earlier in the year like close to Valentine’s? Or look at the lull from mid-August to early November where no public holidays exist now (UN Day on every 1st Monday of October disappeared in 1998 after Heroes Day came along in April to lick it out) nor many events really emerge except for a small handful – like the Multi-National Fair, Taste of Barbados, and the Rum & Food set for November…

Leah Marville reminiscing all the inityiatives which came true thanks to her privilege of getting bestowed the stewardship of Miss Barbados

Leah Marville reminiscing all the initiatives which came true thanks to her privilege of getting bestowed the stewardship of Miss Barbados

Barbadians themselves are rather rude – when Leah Marville spoke to the audience and delivered her final summary before passing on the Crown and revealed her negotiations to have TV shows cross-fertilised between here and South Africa, the audience just stared – I was the only applause who was freely given at that point.

I was covering three assignments in one nite, so I missed the talent and swimwear (this year’s crop was extremely slender, they seem to get more slim each year… I miss busty gals like Margaret Bovell, Nicole Sobers, Charmaine Sampson and yes, even Susan Nourse) – but I usually judge the entries by their Interview section.

The worst response was Chaconia Griffith (not Chaconia Smith as listed elsewhere, unless the hostess miscalled the contestant?), the question was delivered by the hostess for the night – Teshia Livewire Hinds – who asked Griffith what is the most important skills she gained from this competition and how is it an advantage? Here’s the unedited reply {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Chaconia said Bajans are not friendly, which contravenes what most tourists say about here, so who is correct? After her initial hesitation she cited her confidence as boosted which was not forthcoming in the spirit of her reply.

Yes, there was a pause of six seconds in her answer in which you could have sent a fleet of Hummers through. Such was not the case with UWI-trained beauty-hopeful Maia Blackman who was asked by Ms Livewire as to which are the common problems that stop women from being successful, and the legal student tackled it acordingly {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Ms Blackman sees the matter as women denying themselves their own true potential to develop humanity, and while men have played a part in belittling the role of women in history, nevertheless women must stand up first if they wish to be recognised.

She did not hesitate nor repeat the question to buy time, she dealt with the issue and was magnificent. There was a question I hear at every pageant in the world and I always wonder why no one has ever picked up on something… The query is perennial – how do you respond that a pageant is no more than ‘a Meat show‘?

When Carmeta Fraser was still alive and a DLP Senator, she would co-host “Women-Talk” on VOB with Dawn Morgan (now a newspaper columnist) and they were deriding yet another Ms Barbados pageant, so I was on vacation and passed by the radio, then I set about speed dialling and eventually connected. Once on the air, I asked if female pageants had a talent segment as well as interviews apart from bikinis and formal wear?

Everyone agreed, so then I asked when men have a bodybuilding show if there’s a talent segment or a Q&A, and apart from the swimwear, do they use tuxedos or suits … Long pause, there was reluctant agreement this did NOT happen. So then I posed which is more of  ‘a Meat show‘? They hung up on me while Carmeta openly says on the show she just likes looking at the men’s muscles, and she wants to object to male sexism? Ah, well…

The group Shockwave - I think they were shocked the audience did not warm up to them, their music needs more honing before they venture the Bajan circuit - for hotels, they probably are the bomb, but Bajans are a bit more demanding for musical entertainment

The group Shockwave - I think they were shocked the audience did not warm up to them, their music needs more honing before they venture the Bajan circuit again - for hotels, they probably are the bomb, but Bajans are a bit more demanding for musical entertainment

After the Q&A with the five contestants, there was entertainment, including a group called Shockwave but their alleged mix of Soca with Hip-Hop did not send patrons scurrying to the dance-floor despite repeated invitations from the group. Then, what everyone was waiting for, Results… Wrong information was handed to the hostess and so there was a little confusion as to who was 1st Runner Up, but this speedily rectified and Simone Coppin was identified. The 2nd Runner Up was Chaconia Griffith who also won for Haute Couture with her Pauline Bellamy outfit.

Danielle Bishop was definitely among the crowd favorites that night

Danielle Bishop was definitely among the crowd favorites that night

When Danielle Bishop discovered she was the overall winner, I thought an eye doctor may have to be summoned as her orbs popped so wide. After posing with her pals, her family and other supporters – I was able to slip backstage and with both Troy Arthur’s and Stephanie Chase’s permission I was able to have a brief chat, and I asked what does the night’s victory mean to her Beauty With a Purpose project {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Apart from citing determination & hard work for securing the victory, Danielle pledged to help children who live with HIV and abuse to be more than they can be, having been an abused child herself.

I was also overwhelmed by her passion for her community initiative and hope it exceeds her original intentions, congratulations!

I just want it noted that if the Bajan Reporter is invited again next year, the seating while well intentioned was a bit off-kilter? It was set behind the judges, but in the end I floated by either side of the VIP front section where the camera advantage was superior.

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  1. What a joke… I get pissed when ppl think all of these shows are “meat parades”…. assholes

  2. This show has literally gone to the dogs. It is extremely disorganised and shabby. 5 girls the grand night of the show. What a joke. The standards of this show have dropped tremendously. Sometimes I wonder where on earth the contestants come from. It often seems like a desperate tacky attempt to make up numbers. This show needs to be totally revamped and to be handled with professionalism. There is no style, elegance, or penache to this show. Years ago there was but not now. Each year you hear of the internal battles and you can see the need for better guidance on the poor contestants faces. Its sad, cause if handled properly this show could be amazing. Where have all those good pageant organizers gone? Please come back and rescue this show.


    You are asking where the good pageant organizers gone? They went under the knife after people like you sought to destroy them or maybe they ** EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS **

  4. Vic Fernandes {was under fire from many circles} after marrying the winner a year after her reign was {concluded}…
  5. Wayne Smith – had Michelle Selman in the show to make up a number and almost had a heart attack when she won. Two days after he stated she could not represent Barbados because she was too old – did he not know that when she was in the competition. He sent Olivia Harding to trinidad to compete in Miss Universe while Michelle & Wendy Fitzwilliam had their meeting with Trump.
  6. Andy Niles – died leaving a trail of debt from his grave – THE DEBT STILL REMAINS. ** EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS ** Nada Yearwood had to go begging for sponsorship when she won!
  7. Candy Nicholls did not even last longer than a year with the franchise after collecting tons of money from the NCF Cultural Action Fund ** EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS **. She also run into trouble with the BTA for funding ** EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS **
  8. Phillipa Aimey – had Miss Barbados World, got lots of stress from Leilani McConney in 2000 stripped Racquel Wilkinson from her title in 2003 ** EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS **. Phillipa eventually lost the franchise…
  9. So which pageant organiser do you want to bring back MR. OBSERVER because {no one can cast the first stone}.
    Seems like you want the show for yourself & to that I say give it a shot, see how long you last ** EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS **!!!

The Observant (posted on July 18, 2010 @ 2:26 PM)
  • Why are young ladies having to spend their own money on costumes, swim wear, accessories, clothes and make up. Why are they having to turn up at photo shoots with foundation on their faces? Why wasn’t a professional photographer hired to take swim wear photos this year? Why does each year this show starts off with 10 or 12 girls and ends up with 5 or 6 on the night of the show? Why are all sorts of people allowed to call organizers and slander the name of contestants. Why are they people in the show whose fathers are sponsoring the show? Is that ethical? Why are they people in the show who are married and why are they people in the show who are not Barbadian nationals. Why are they people in the show who have given birth? Next year they will probably be 3 girls on the night of the show.

  • Furthermore even if the previous organizers had their issues the show was still not as tacky as it presently is. When certain individuals were stripped of their title it was well deserved. ** EDIT ** Lack of class. ** EDIT ** If I were any of you contestants I would not be ** EDIT ** To think organizers run around applying make up and doing hair themselves instead of looking for a professional make up artist and hair stylists to do these jobs. At least they found some conscience and decided to get a make up artist and hair stylists at least for the show. Even if it was only that once. Thank god cause certain people need to stop thinking they are a jill of all trades and stop trying to save money and cut corners. Bless Leah Marville. You are so beautiful and I hope that you take this show! You have what it takes to turn this show into everything Barbados needs it to be. Barbados is so proud of you Miss Marville. Sorry we can’t say the same for some small minded people. {PORTIONS OF VITRIOLIC RIPOSTE REMOVED AS COMMENTERS NEED TO REALISE THEY HAVE ANONYMITY AND NOT THE DISPLAYER OF THESE POTENTIALLY SCANDALOUS REMARKS, UNTIL SOME BAJAN GOVERNMENT PROPERLY REDRESSES BARBADOS’ ARCHAIC & OUTDATED LAWS RELATING TO SLANDER/LIBEL}

  • Present sponsors should take a closer look at where they money is really going. Maybe it falls into a dark hole

  • I have always followed the Miss Barbados World Pageant and felt sorry for what Phillippa Aimey had to go through as the organizer, her shows always had class and showed a high level of professionlism one can see that her company did not get much assistance from Corporate Barbados. It is said that some people wanted the Miss world Franchise including the present holder and did a number on her to the Miss World Organization.

    I would agree with the Observer the show is quite tacky and people should be refunded they money for only having five contestants in the show, but what does one expect? Karma is a hell of a thing, what goes around comes around.

  • hey i simply just want to say that this kinda hot stuff never gets old, adore it, carry on with the great info, its better reading this than working it for a living – which i did but no longer, cheers

  • Beauty comes in all many different shapes and dimensions – it is up to you to locate it.

  • They need to get someone else to run the Miss Barbados beauty Pageant .
    The girls are accept for Leah Marviile unpolished , often not great beauties or even near it.
    the organizer herself Stephanie nice girl no where near what would be defined a great beauty herself cute at best.
    Look at Miss Jamaica, Miss Trinidads who have won international titles or Puerto Rico. who has won several for a Caribbean country, Your Miss Venezuelas, Miss India’s but it has become a spectacle need to hand the reigns over to someone like Shelly Williams.\
    Look at what kind of true beauties are Leah only one in recent years for Miss World.

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