Mighty Sparrow is alive, not dead as Internet rumors state, Ian Bourne chats with legendary calypsonian – BAJAN REPORTER EXCLUSIVE

Slinger Francisco is the most famous Grenadian-born of Trinidad & Tobago. Everybody knows him better as the Mighty Sparrow, he was due to come to Barbados about a fortnight ago, but complications related to his diabetes prevented him from reaching our shores.

Spurring even further grist for rumor mills was when “Birdy,” as he is sometimes called, appeared in a wheelchair and did not stand once during a 90 minute concert over last weekend. So imagine my horror when scanning Caribbean Fever on my Blackberry and it was asking if Sparrow is dead?

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." -  Mark Twain: equally appropriate for The Mighty Sparrow {Image courtesy Caribbean Fever}

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain: the quote is equally appropriate for The Mighty Sparrow {Image courtesy Caribbean Fever}

I called my father who is a close friend of the legendary calypsonian and arranged to contact the Mighty Sparrow – Mr Francisco’s Trinidadian home was answered by a lady who urged for us to say a prayer for the singer who shocked the Caribbean with hits like “Mae Mae,” “Saltfish” and”Congo Man” which all dealt with oral sex in a clever yet not prurient manner unlike today’s dancehall slackness of ‘Daggering‘ which is far nastier.

He is currently in New York, and I actually spoke to the entertainer who also had hits like “Ten To One” which relayed an encounter where a gang tried to assault the young singer, to their regret. I called the New York number which was answered by his son. The performer easily recalled my dad and recited my father’s home number with ease – showing his faculties are in no wise impaired. Sparrow told me his phone was ringing nonstop all day.

This is some of what Caribbean Fever said which spurred the overseas call on my part;-

The Mighty Sparrow is today expected to receive the results for medical tests he did in New York right before coming to Trinidad for two shows at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port of Spain at the weekend…
— Sparrow is also scheduled in the coming weeks to perform at Caribana in Toronto and at events for Labor Day Carnival in New York

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  1. well thats good news cause I was trying to find some sort of confirmation yesterday when I heard the rumour


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